How to use Jabberwock on offense?

Especially in raid offense.

I already know that Jabberwock is really good at map stage and raid defense.

But Jabber’s hitting edge of enemies(wings) is not so impressive when I do some raid offense and alliance war.

Because mostly the enemy’s tank and flanks are more dangerous than wings.

That’s why many users(include me) focused on killing tank and flanks as fast as possible.

As you know, Jabberwock can’t hit those position until both wings down.

I wanna listen and share your idea about using this beast wisely.

P.S. I’m sorry for my bad english writing.

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Hi, I personnaly use him when I need to stack purple. Usually, I choose him with Clarissa (not the best choice I know, but I dont have better for the moment and her elemental link is helpful), Guardian Panther + Red Hood and Lady of the Lake.
With Guardian Panther, I hit one flank in order to leave the target + the tank and one wing vulnerable against purple. And then, I launch Clarissa and the Jabberwock. Damages are pretty good like that.

That’s cool!

Fast elemental defense down and multiple hitters could answer.

Maybe, I would accept the fact that Jabberwock can’t do many things without color stack.

Cause I use Kage & Clarissa & costume Rigard for purple color stack(3/1/1), there are no more place for purple damage dealer.

I don’t have Panther, but your idea is really impressive and helpful!

Try a 4/1 stack for a day or two… it could be fun :boom:

Adding a reminder to come back to this thread :slight_smile: I raid a lot with Jabberwock & LOVE him :smiley:

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I really would like to get Kageburado, but I wasn’t luck enough last Atlantis rising (well, actually I managed to get Neith, Atomos and Zulag so I can’t complain).
He could pair very well with Guardian Panther and be devastating, even more with Jabberwock.

Oh, I could think about 4/1 color stack. :grinning:

But… Honestly, I can’t replace my Gravemaker & Malosi with purple 3/1/1 color stack. :sweat_smile:

They are Very Fast and also effective for hitting and neutralizing enemy’s tank & flanks!

cRig+cTibs+Jabber = wings 85-100% dead once all DoT procs.

I usually use him when the center is relatively slower (meant to stall you out but not outright kill you) but the wings are fast snipers who hit really damn hard.

It’s almost like an inverse raid, focus on making purple matches away from the wings, then unleash the 1-2-3 punch, and make sure the wings die while trying not to set off anybody.

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Maybe, that’s somewhat situational condition.

But still could solution how to maximize Jabber’s special.

The key is AoE def down(C.tibs) and attack boost for hard hitter.

It’s been little tricky if not have enough purple tiles or enemy’s tank is faster & more dangerous. (All about board RNG though)

Thanks for your real experience and strategy! :laughing:

The nice thing about cRig and cTibs is if you max out the costume, you only need a lv 5 mana troop to charge them in 9 tiles. I think about 80% of the time, because of the match-3 nature of the game, both of them charge when Jabber becomes charged, so the 1-2-3 punch solution is very viable as long as you can find 3 purple matches.

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I found a place for him in my anti-GTV team…Rigard-Marjana-Jabber-Lady Loki-Boldtusk…take Tell out with tiles and Marjana…Jabber and Loki do the rest on the wings with the DoT…

To do so, Jabberwock could ‘Secondary’ damage dealer’s role.

Secondary means ‘Can’t hit or eliminate tank & flanks.’

Maybe, this is the Jabber’s technical flaws which I should admit.

Think about ‘Secondary dealer’s role’ and accept the fact, I could use this beast for a new meta.

I think current meta is fast hitting followed by ghosting tiles to set heroes special skill faster.

Jabberwock would be shine when the raid turns longer.

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