How to Use Enter key


Hello guys. I have seen some player using “enter key” function in the chat room. Not sure how they did it coz normal enter key don’t break the lines or paragraph. I would love to use it but haven’t got the ideas how to input. Help.


(please do not read/remember this if you’ll use it to spam a recruitment message anywhere else than recruitment room) :rofl:

I’d suppose people type up a message in notes on their phone, or something where the enter does work. Then they select, and copy/paste into the chat :slight_smile:


I copy/paste from my phone, and [enter] never works. Let me know if you figure it out!


If I figured it out, I will certainly let you know my friend.


Loorts is correct. What you’re describing is technically called a line break, but the only way I’ve found to achieve it is copy and paste from another app. However - this only seems to work on androids, not ios, which is why it doesn’t work for many people.


shakes fist at the eeevil IOS gods! :grin:


I do it by adding a whole lot of extra spaces! :rofl: (47 or something? it’s been a while)


I heard from an ios user that it is possible to use the line break with an additional app like clipper. (I use Android so I just heard about it)


use the HTML code for line break


Oops it did not show up. < BR >.
When you use it, do not use any spaces


If you respond to a post via email than the enter transpose’ to the post.


Does this work in Game chat? And is there a code for a single space? I’m thinking about use for recruitment ads.


Standard HTML, including breaks, paragraphs, font styles, etc, does not work in E&P chatroom platforms.


Aww, I thought that’s what we were talking about (chat room use)! :sob:


Hi admin need game union 1+ clan and new frineds list general have full problem need help


Maybe thats a reason for the recent price adjustment of android purchases…the premium option of using a line feed within the chat :yum: I love my android :hugs: :sweat_smile:


E&P is not going to utilize a friend system at this time. Look it up on the Shortlist:


Sorry Smore, I tried it, but couldn’t find a way to do it. In game chat it just appears exactly what you write :sweat::sweat::sweat: