How to use a slow manna heroe

Who knows how to use slow manna heroes?

FI if i look at my 5* i got Khagan and Azlar (both slow), i got guardian owl (very slow), Richard (average) and Leonidas (average).

Is it useful to use one of these in a team? (as i look at defense, Richard could be in front, hiding Zeline or Delilah), but does anyone have a clue why this slow manna? Is it REAL STRONG when it happens?

I think myself you shouldn’t use one of the slow manna makers against titans or in Raids. I’d like to hear meanings of more experienced people :smiley:

What’s the max you should use on a team, should you at least use ONE in a team… just dunno :thinking:

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When looking at titans, I think more about attack stat then special. So Azlar at 4/80 would be on my titan team for sure.

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On raid defense, I think using a slow Mana hero as center isnt bad such as Azlar or Khagan. But the rest of your team needs to be able to clean up after your center is dead. They are supposed to be very powerful and should only be used if they can fit the rest of your team. Don’t use Owl. A slow hero on the wing is ok too, so long as your other heroes buy time. Healing center tanks do well with this but you still need to offset your slow hero with a couple fast heroes. Your Zeline does great to slow down your enemy too. I’d only ever use max 2.

For Raid Attack, slow isn’t bad when you are able to ghost tiles after killing their tank or others. I’d limit to one on a team.

For Titan I see the same things as Sleeper. If you’ve already got your key damage stackers (attack up, def down, Wu) and Attack stat is high, special is just a plus.

Slow mana can be a problem for raid defence, given that the AI is dumb and can’t manage specials at the best of times. For raid attack, however, I find the disadvantages of slow mana are often overstated.

On attack I typically use 4 slow mana heroes and one fast (I have two averages that sometimes get subbed into the mix). Defence teams almost always get one or two - sometimes three - specials off before any of mine charge, but I’m late game so it’s not like they’re going to one-shot me. My healer usually charges before any of my team dies, and repairs the damage I’ve taken.

I’m careful to fire my specials in the right sequence for maximum effect. Often this means delaying by several turns - waiting for status effects to expire, or other specials to charge. I’m not in a rush.

My team would be better if my heroes had the same stats and specials and charged their mana fast, instead of slow. But the payoff for slow mana charge - good tile damage, good defence, powerful specials - is worth it, for me.