❗ How To - Unemblemed Heroes in Raid Tournament; taking down +100 opponents

:exclamation: How To - Unemblemed Heroes in Raid Tournaments

Quick little example of how to take on the “big guns” in tournaments without using emblems on your heroes

Video down below but essentially just wanted to do a little/ big example of how you can take on the big guns in Raid Tournaments simply by playing smart with the heroes you use in order to take advantage of the Tournament Rules!

You’ll see in the video that I have very few emblems 4* heroes; those are limited only to the ones I use in Titan Fights (Grimm, Jackal, Falcon & Rigard) and despite this fact from Day 2 onwards I was fighting & beating +100 defence teams.


Breakdown/ Tips

General Tips
Couple of general tips:

  1. Colour stack…
    Sounds simple but do it!! Either go strong against the tank or at worst Neutral vs. the tank & strong against one or both flanks.
    You can see in the video I go with 3-2 stacks but coming others are 4-1 and 2-2-1. I advise against 5-0 (mono) in tournaments as there is a finite number of losses you can take whereas in raids there is “always next go” to get a better board.

  2. Take Your Time.
    There isn’t a rush to necessarily get thru the battle… The most obvious move isn’t necessarily the best one due to it disrupting your board & wasting tiles.

  3. Double Check your team!
    Before you hit fight just do a final double check. Check to make sure that your troops are setup right. Check to make sure your using the right/ best heroes for the tank and flanks there. Check that you have a decent mix of healers to hitters…
    Just double check it all!

  4. Keep a Common Backbone.
    If you have a good combination of a couple heroes try keeping them constant in most/ all of your attacks. This will help as you “get used to” those heroes & the impact they’ll have.
    You can see in the video that, as much as possible, I kept Costume Melendor and Brynhild in my team as they were constant good buffing heroes.

Buff Booster Tips

  • Buffs are Key!
    Obvious I know but if there is a choice between a hero who both does damage and gives buffs vs. one that just does damage OR the choice between healing + buff vs. just healing; take the buffing option

  • Healers!
    In buff booster battles, the board & tiles can and should do the majority of the killing as this is where the attack boost from buffs takes the biggest hold. Healers are key in keeping your team alive & kicking to make best use of the board.
    In the video above you’ll see I usually took 2 healers to every fight; sometimes 3.

  • Costume Melendor!!
    I almost consider this guy a must! In addition to giving +2 buffs to all allies he also clears the enemy buffs

Rush Attack Tips

  • Slow and Average!!
    Heroes who are slow and very slow mana speed (and average to a lesser extent) typically have more powerful special skills which are counter-balanced by having the slower mana speed.
    In Rush Attack scenarios, these heroes become borderline OP!!

  • Mana Buff/ Troops
    It’s KEY to have a mana boosting hero in your squad if you can. The tipping point to go from 6.5 tiles to 6 tiles for “Very Fast Mana” is 9% (or a level 11 mana troop).

    • In 5* tournaments, try having as many mana broken heroes as you can in your stack
      • (so level 11 for basic heroes,
      • level 5 for heroes with a class node or;
      • level 1 for heroes with a costume bonus or node 20 mana boost.
    • Alternatively you can use a hero who gives mana boost
      • In 3* this is Bauchan.
      • 4* is Sir Lancelot, Danzaburo or Brynhild
      • 5* is Ariel & Khagan.
  • Special Skills rule.
    Healers play a part in Rush Attack battles but I would only use them if they have a cleanse attached (or a significant buff).
    For the most part special skills & their damage dealt play a bigger part in winning Rush Attack battles so look for synergies wherever you can.

Bloody Battle Tips

    Number one tip with bloody battles is Minion Makers… They act as “pseudo-healing” as the minion effectively adds “HP” to your hero.
    If you can, try bringing along a hero who makes “meat shields” for your team. They are becoming more common now & I expect there to be more before the end of the year.

    Any hero who has >20% healing probably is wasted in this format as their primary purpose is healing… Never mind the buffs they give; they’re wasted.

  • Cleansers.
    I personally try to always take a hero with “cleanse” or Status Effect blocker where I can in offence… if this must be a healer than so be it but ideally it’s not… heroes like Costume Sonya, Costume Caedmon & Costume Tyrum have opened up extra cleansing options so healers aren’t the only option aymlre.

  • Damage & Tiles.
    In bloody battles the fight is often short lived by virtue of not being able to prolong it with healing
    … so you NEED a good mix of tile damage (so offensive buffs) and special skill damage to have a balanced team.

Hope these tips help! Overall if you can stay in the tournament’s thru to day 5 without having to buy-in you stand a good chance of getting Top 1% regardless of how your defence is doing.

Staying in the tournament is all about your team construction, playing the board and a little bit of Tile RNG luck.

Good Luck & Godspeed!


It says me that video is unavailable.


Thanks; copyright stuff to do with the background music; am working on replacing it now…

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tl, dr: color stacking

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Redid the upload; should be ok now

May be I’m doing something wrong, but I still can’t see it.

I tried to do a youtube search for a title, but failed as well. The latest video uploaded by “Cal Diets” is " E&P - Trials of Fortitude - 2 August, 2020"

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great tips, thanks Guv!

Same here, as soon as I hit play, it says unavailable.
I am in the UK if that makes any difference.

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@notyou87 and @SuuriKoira; seems like there is some.kknd of change in the copyright strictness when I ticked over 50 subscribers…

I’m working on redoing it (again) today haha…

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OK; third time is the charm I thinks… SHOULD be up & working for everyone except those in Denmark (sorry…)

@notyou87 & @SuuriKoira

I just made it to 9:46 and it froze guv. Great video but I have to say, I almost never see boards like those and certainly not consecutively. Just from my own personal experience, I would kill for boards like those.

Edit: I closed the thread and went back in and the video started again. It wasn’t my internet connection but seems to be ok.

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It does work now. However, it is worth watching at 0.75 speed to follow the logic of made choices.
Well, maybe it’s just because I’m that slow.

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well done guv. almost perfect except for a small typo, you added a U to the word color. :crazy_face:

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America - “Hey we don’t need those extra vowels right…?”

Everyone Else - “uhhh wat?”


If you want free music of all sorts that you can use in YouTube videos with just a credit to the musician, look up Kevin Mac Leod (AKA incompetech) He also does commissions. You’ve probably heard some of his compositions in YouTube videos, or various films and TV shows. If you need some custom graph paper, he has several graph paper generators on his site. Input the parameters, save the PDF, print as many sheets as you want.

We’re conserving vowels so we dn’t rn t. Uh-oh, looks lke th nd my b near.

For me it’s mostly bad boards interspersed with a rare super good board that does a huge cascade, nearly wiping the opponent with a single move. I used to usually last long enough in tournaments to make it into the bottom 50% but lately it’s all been bottom 25%. I’m not putting any $ into the game so I rarely spend gems to continue except when it’s an end boss on the map.

What I see quite often are boards that are very short on whatever color my healer is, or in a Bloody Battle, whichever is my strongest hero. Quite irritating to not be able to strike with Colen because the board will not give me any red except a few spaced far apart.

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Great. Thanks.

Ótimo. Obrigada.