How to stop s1 heroes of being obsolete

I have an idea how to keep s1 heroes relevant in this game. They should alter their mana speed. Make slow heroes average and average heroes fast.


Thanks for your suggestion, there are many great ideas how to make S1 heroes relevant. The problem is that what we need is one thing - SG’s willingness to do this. This is the only thing we need.


I was just going to say the same… There is no interest in making S1 heroes relevant, if S1 were relevant, nobody would pay money for all the new heroes.

From a financial point of view SG would shoot themselves in the foot if they did make S1 heroes anywhere close to as good as the new stuff. So 99.9% guarantee this will never happen.
The only way anything like this is happening is costumes, because you actually have to pay for the upgrade to get it.
That is also the reason why we keep getting buffs for the current heroes, they are still being sold, so they make them even more desirable. Old heroes will never get buffs, they are turned into the “bad prizes” that have to be mixed in with the good ones, so people don´t get too many good heroes too easily.

Just accept the fact that old heroes are meant to be old and retired. Turnover is the goal, so we will forever get stronger and stronger heroes, so there will be always something better than what you already have on sale. It´s your choice either keep spending forever to stay up to date or play with what you have and enjoy the game outside the Top100.
BTW I am happy in the second category (well I do spend a bit on getting nice 4stars, but that´s an amount I am happy to spend on a game I enjoy), but I honestly don´t mind people in the first category either, after all they are the ones who keep the game free for the FTPs.

I guess that sums up my entire view on money in this game :smiley:


they do need adjustments

increasing speeds of all slows and averages will be really good and honestly i don’t think they will be even close to the newer heroes which is ok. i just want to use heroes like quintus. they are so bad it is a waste to put materials on them

another nice option is to add new s1 heroes of all rarities and a family bonus to create more verity.

new events and heroes are introduced like raindrops buffing s1 heroes won’t make a financial loss


Costume 2 for S1 heroes

It has been said a few times in Beta recently that the new heroes being pushed out are making S1 heroes obsolete / redundant and that something needs to be done to rebalance the game


There are many forms of progress in this game. You’re asking them to remove one of them. That’s not going to happen.

I have an idea how to make old cars better. Make them faster. But that costs sometimes more than the actual worth of car.

That reminded me of a very cool thread:

Anyway, I don’t think that comparing cars to pixels is good enough to justify some decisions.


Well, my point is…old things are sometimes worse than new things. 5 years in a game is like 50 years in real life. So, there is absolutely no problem s1 heroes being worse than S5 or event heroes.
Forget about s1 heroes. I have one maxed s1 5* hero and regret it.
Just feed them to SE

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I would agree if they weren’t so expensive to summon those heroes.
Today I did 23 pulls in S4 portal (last year I did more pulls) and didn’t get even one legendary hero. Yes, I paid for that, I spent a lot of time on finishing S4, I bought VIP to collect gems and still nothing. So what do I have to do to improve my roster? To get those better heroes? How much more money SG wants from me?

Yes, I know the odds, how this game works, but today I’m upset by those pulls and I’m just grumpy.


You just need luck while pulling.
Also, s1 5* are free of charge. I got some from TC20

SG should add slayers heroes to s1 portal since they are seems failed product. So we will glad to accept it

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S1 heroes can still be summoned, “purchased” through summoning portals. If you can “buy” them, then they should continue to have relevance imo.

If no relevance, remove S1 heroes from summoning portals.


My s1 5* are relevant… For use in the soul exchange.


If you want a 5 star you need to spend far more than 23 pulls.

This game is perfectly playable with 4 star heroes though, so I personally am summoning 4 star heroes and if I get a 5 star once every blue moon I am happy :smiley:

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Yeah, I have a bunch of 4* heroes, but this time I didn’t even get Rokkamush, Zila Lei or Mack to finish my 4* S4 collection. I just got a bunch of rare heroes and Griffin. That was the most disappointing for me.
I also would be happy for a HotM or even S1 5* heroes that I still don’t have like Sartana or Isarnia.

Family link for s1. And thats not what you think. The Elfs for S3. Sabina for vilains, etc. Kasherck would fit well for S2, Thorne a Knight. Marjana is a Pirate. Rigard would fit well in vampires family. And to end, Justice for Sand family


Do 200ish s4 pulls like I did and you will get them all, multiple copies

How to make s1 non obsolete? They will never be obsolete if you understand the game code lines and the algorithms well
Those cards are only a powder on the eyes to make people buy more and more
The real deal in this game is big % of the boards and an average % of the troops and a little % of heroes
You’ll lose against s1 heroes even if you have the best non s1 heroes if the boards are crappy
Its a casino game anyway so dont expect devs to beat themselves up for the community.

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