How To Stop A Raid?

Cant defend my base worth a ■■■■. Should I shuffle or start working on a new Hero?

Sorry, this my first post. Maybe I should be asking how to priorotize attributes to best defend against a raid, not specifically my current team.

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Hey man, you have a pretty good balanced team! You have a Healer that removes debuffs, Nice blue and green attackers that remove buffs from enemies, wukong Maybe the best 4* yellow in general, and a 5* red Thats one of the good ones! Work on them, gather ascension materials and level them, with time you Will learn how to best use them and certainly Will get more heroes…
The only thing missing is a attack buff/ defense debuff to make big damages on titans… like kiril - boldtusk/ Grimm - Gormek - Tiburtus

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Thanks Luiz! Im 3 months into the game and upon joining the forum Ive realized theres sooooo much to learn. Thanks for the tip man!

For defense, put Rigard in the middle, he is much more tankier than Caedmon. Nice team, just keep working on those


(Damn @Konijntje beat me to the punch. Was going to make exactly the same point about Rigard)

Looks like a good team to me. The team still has a lot to grow, and as it does you’ll find yourself stabilising at a higher cup level.

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I appreciate it @Konijntje and @Little_Infinity. Good to know im on the right track. I have a feeling it may be Wu Kong having me punch above my weight class when im lucky… and then the inevitable beat down ensues when Im not :smile:

Wu kong is not a great defender. Keep levelling your heros for bettervresults


He is mid-tier post slash frequency change… especially if using things like healers that don’t miss anyway.

Can I have your Wu Kong? :grin:

Level what you have. I’d put Rigard in the center. On Defense, remember that your cards fire left to right. Put the specials in order you want to fire (e.g., I’d shift Caedmon slightly to the left).

Good advice above, and don’t worry about losing on defense. Currently trophies don’t count for anything except your alliance’s ranking. If you’re not in a top-100 alliance, trophies shouldn’t matter. Many players intentionally put up weaker defense teams than they could to make it easier to fill up the Heroes Wanted chest every day.


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