How to start with alliance war

I recently started to play, I have reached lvl 12 but aren’t able to participate in alliance war. What do I need to do to be able to participate in alliance war?

Have you joint any alliance?

Yes I have joined an alliance. Some of the members have participated already. I have noticed that I don’t have war energy. And I am not sure where to get them

If you joint the alliance just recently (say, yesterday) then you are not allow to participate in the current AW round, because you missed the matchmaking phase.
Wait until next round of AW that will start on weekend and you must be allowed to participate.
I assume that currently you have a “War” tab in the alliance view, but you are in a spectator mode. Is it right?

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If I am not mistaken (and I very well could be) bit if you miss 2 wars in a row you are automatically set to “opt out” of future wars and manually have to opt back in.

Also the alliance leader can opt out of wars for the whole alliance.

This doesn’t look to be the case as topic starter mentioned that other alliance members participate in the war.

Good point. @Nadz you need to verify if a “Participate in Wars” check box on a War tab is checked in your game. It will not work for the current round of AW but will allow you to participate in the next one.


This is the screenshot

Since you joint the alliance 20 minutes ago, as I said, you’ll be allowed to participate a next war. Just be patient and wait till Friday.

I actually joined the alliance 5 days ago

Uups, my bad. Somehow it showed be 20 minutes. Now it shows 5 days. You are NadzCS, aren’t you?

Then it is strange. the only thing I can think of, is that you haven’t defined your war defense team when it was a war preparation phase.

Did you see a “Alliance war will start …” (I don’t remember the exact wording) in the Alliance chat the other day?

Yes I am NadzCS, yes I did. I might have still been on lvl 11 when that was on the alliance chat

That’s what I’m not sure about. When Alliance Wars were introduced I was far above level 12. Did you check your War tab after you saw the AW preparation notification? Was the tab in the same state you posted here? The only other option I can think of is that you didn’t setup your AW defense team. In this case you are also excluded from an AW round.

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I think that if on Friday you won’t be able to setup your AW defense team, you need to contact a SG support.

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