How to set-up your team for the atlantis boss (hard)

Congrats, which setup did you use?

Used three of my tornadoes at the titan stage, and three time stops. Then some few mana pots to charge up wilbur. I made it a point to watch the countdown timer b4 she dispell wilbur’s buff which made me survive.

Also made sure when if her reflect was up, i dare not fire up pastel special at her.


Beat her on the first try using 4* no-Wilbur team suggested by @rapcoon
Used 3 minor potions, 3 normal potions and 1 time stop (because was impatient).
The strategy is to slowly chip away her hp. Scarlett should be ready to fire when you can’t hit weak spot.


Hey, I have all those heroes. How many emblems do they each have?

For those interested here’s a YouTube video I did of the final fight, explaining my tactic too :).

Beating Ursena (hard mode):


Triton - None, others - up to 18, Rigard for defense, others for attack. But I don’t think it really matters here, heal is more important.

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