How to set-up your team for the atlantis boss (hard)

I considered using Boril, but decided against it for more healing. But of the two, I would choose Boril over Cyprian as Boril is more resilient and Ursena is Dark, so hitting with Blue is better than hitting with Purple (Assuming there’s not a huge difference in your troops).

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finished her on hard with


battle items: small and regular mana potions (all gone at the end), revive scroll (all gone at the end) and time stop (would probably recommend to bring with this set up more mana pots to keep proteus and wilbur going instead of time stop). admitted: had some very nice cascades when the three reds were on. got scared when she was done by two third and board became nearly dead for some turns… took indeed some time, always focussed on stun, if not possible checked if proteus or the reds could be charged with another move…


So it is my time now to face Ursena on hard mode.

What I got (worthy):

Kunchen +3
Tiburtus +14

Boldtusk +14
Wilbur +18
Anzogh +6
Gormek +11

Mel +10

Boril +8
Sonya +14

Onatel 3/70
Ranvir 3/70

What my team will look like:

Bold - Wilbur - Kiril - Kun - Ona

What my team should look like:

Bold - Wilbur - Kiril - ? - ?

I’m by far not an expert.
I can understand Bold and Wilbur. But Kiril combined with them seems odd. His attack up and shield up will conflict (lower) those of Bold and Wilbur.
I would rather put Mel +10 at the position of Kiril. Mel heals more and has a usefull despell so Onatel can use her special.

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thanks for your input here. I was thinking the same, especially cause Kiril got no Emblems …
I just don’t use green at all so I mostly forget those heroes (could / would change if I can get Kingston)

If I would go with Bold - Wilbur - Mel - Kun - Ona that would be a healer overload and the fight would take forever I guess. But it would be the safe version i guess.

Any thoughts on changing Kun / Ona with Gormek? So I could play with a red 3 stack for better dmg?

I love both Onatel and Gormek, but neither hits very hard. I used Onatel to beat Ursena on hard, but you have to be careful not to get the mana steal reflected. (Ursena’s special lets her reflect status effects from yellow attackers.) Brutal.

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yes I know. I would bring Ona if she was 4/80 already but at 3/70 … I just don’t know.
I guess I will try and see where I can go

FWIW, I brought her at 3/70.

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I wouldnt worry too much about a healing overload. It’s a long battle regardless. :o

I’m not going to recommend anything for you though. I’ll let the better players do that :smiley: but the only damage dealing special moves I had were Proteus and Hansel… hardly big numbers there ;D I just wanted to be redundant on survivability since I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I told myself, I’m cool if it takes an extra 10 minutes, so long as i just get it done. I would hate to spend a half hour only to die.

But that’s just me! With a mediocre lineup.


Fight was a bad joke… used some time stops and some small mana potions… 35 minutes + short toilet break… no big deal at all.

Thanks for the help.


Decided to get a shot at Ursena hard mode - why not.
Thanks to your comments I took all the healing power on board so the team looked like:
Rigard +10 - Hansel +10, - Ares+6 - BT +12 - Sabina +14
Team TP - slightly above 3800
Without Wilbur is definitely trickier as she can hit really hard but I’ve managed to win with just mana potions (time stops and miracle scroll were also on board).
Still though I need to conquer 25 stages more in hard mode to get avatar and price so my Sartana will achieve last ascention tier :slight_smile:
Thanks for your tips


Thank you for the inspiration, i just used Boldtusk, wilbur, jackal, joon, melendor. Ursena hard, I used 3 minor health potions, and 4 minor mana potions! Lol it did take less than 10 minutes!


So question, why is the HiT points on my ursena hard 20k less than every one else’s here?

Have you chosen normal or hard?

That photo was hard…

HP in Hard Mode for me was also 49.2K. Maybe it’s a bug since I think that’s the HP for Normal Mode. I’m sure someone will ask, so to preempt, yes I am certain it was Hard Mode.

I beat mine on first try, did you also? Maybe her hit points are split between the first and second section. If you beat the first time, maybe her hit points from both sections add up to the same as those who had to try again…?

Yup first try. Surely this is either a bug or her HP was lowered in an update.

Sorry for the Finnish language in the screen shot :wink:

I just found it easy with this team. My strategy was to load Seshat’s special ready to debuf Ursena’s special. I used my all board shuffle flasks when there was too much green or bad combination in specials. Two of them were maybe because of playing too safety.

There was recommended two healers and one debuffer + snipers. Those I got and Justice is not so good but not bad either. Ursena’s special had lot of misses because of my Justice. Seshat is super good against Ursena.

I found this Ursena fight not so hard as one stage before for the season 2 Hard - level. Maybe I was too lucky in the battle because rewards were 5 atlantis calls => Gill-ra, Belith, Friar Tuck, Jahangir and Gan Ju. + 2 times red forces so my pulls got nothing useful. Still I liked the challenge this gave me.

Thanks for the tips to create a good team to win this stage!

EDIT: the screen shot of the team:


Finally beat mine on 2nd try…whoop whoop

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