How to recover good alliance members when a bad actor kicks them out

It sucks. At least you’ll know for next time.

Having been in a few alliances, I truly believe that promotion should be earned.


I really wish we had something like this, because a few months ago, an alliance leader accidentally fat-fingered the Acceptance, and accidentally rejected someone we wanted back in our alliance… but since we didn’t have any way to communicate with them other than in-game…

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Just think about it, how many members are “Furious”? Quite a few I’m guessing.

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Yeah, I’m rethinking our promotion strategies…


Good point. We promote to elder so that others can accept join requests.

@Robin_the_Brave sorry y’all experienced that and I hope your members make their way back home. You could create a thread with your alliance name in the title… and the banner idea is a great suggestion too


I’ve posted opponents names and team screenshots. Usually it is some type of praise. Never for shaming.

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I’m totally happy here. I want no political influence.

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LOL yes… I think the game brings us all to that point at some time or another.

I don’t like playing politics in my alliance. When it comes to accepting new members, I want to make sure that everyone is okay with that person. You were approved unanimously without objection.

You’re way too hard on yourself, man. You’re an honestly good guy and we all like you. I’d never put you into a position of “power” where you had like… “responsibilities” or “expectations” or anything stressful like that. Elders in my alliance are just regular ordinary people going about their day to day lives and playing whenever they want to or are able to. You are worthy of that status any time you want it.

Of course you’re also completely free to hide out in your shack on the edge of town for as long as you’d like, too. My alliance has no laws against that. :wink:

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I understand this but if someone wants to kick me, I hope they would run it by you first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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None of my original members would ever kick you on purpose.

If for some reason you do ever get kicked, please tag me here immediately, chances are that someone fat fingered something. Kicking people is definitely not a decision that I allow any other players to have without running it by me first.

And fat fingering is a very real thing. It’s very easy to click the wrong button in this game by accident.

PRO TIP: to stay on topic… if you want someone to join your alliance and someone accidentally clicks “reject” instead of “accept”, temporarily set your alliance to “open” and that recruit should be able to join. Otherwise they won’t be able to send another join request.

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there are some discordS and lineS for that
is it prohibited to be shared and maybe create a topic just for that?

maybe a request for those specific ones can be done here.

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