How to recover good alliance members when a bad actor kicks them out

So I’m not sure if the above image is ok, but we just had someone join the alliance, stay just long enough to get promoted, then suddenly, and without comment, kick three members of the alliance (who were hitting the titans, etc), two of whom had only recently joined and not yet gotten onto line or anything. To say I’m incensed would be putting it mildly. Expletive.


One possibility is changing your external alliance message, with the hope the people kicked see it and want to return.

Contacting any directly in-game isn’t a possibility, unfortunately.

Edit: Also, if they have an active message still in chat, you could watch their profiles and see if they join another alliance. If/when they do, you could have someone join that alliance and share a message with them apologizing and welcoming them back. Some would frown on that, but it’s a chance.


Update, the bad actor changed their name to “x” and has joined a full alliance called “x” if anyone knows anyone in that alliance, please warn them.

Mod edit

Although I totally understand the frustration in this case, naming and shaming remains prohibited.


Personally, I would send someone to join that alliance to warn them.
And he / she is at level 61 too
Obviously either upset about something or just a destroyer type

PS: well said Spartacus


It’s full.


People wonder why I’m so paranoid about who I let into my alliance. This is exactly why.

Naming and shaming is technically against forum rules, but I’m not going to call the fuzz on you. Just giving you a heads up in case the mods come poking their heads in that you might want to blur names to protect yourself from getting into trouble. Thank you for the heads up. Not that he would have ever been able to join my alliance in the first place, but good warning for other open alliances.


I wasn’t going to flag it either. Bad actors deserve to get shamed, in my opinion.


Let’s concentrate on the helpful side of this thread and help @Robin_the_Brave with advice to contact their allies.

Naming and shaming remains banned and simply blurring the name isn’t a substitute :slightly_smiling_face:

While I’m sure @Robin_the_Brave is acting in good faith, we must also protect people that could be named and shamed maliciously.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure whether it was ok, but really, I just feel bad for the next alliance (and my own)


Also, I’m not shaming the other alliance, I’m trying to reach and warn them!!


So without identifying bad actors, how is there any accountability or improvements?

Not an attack on mods. Just curious what SGG set into place to deal w users that are problematic to the community SGG is responsible for.

They can be reported to SG via support but I’ve no idea how seriously they take it.


The dangers of promotion. I’ve just joined a new alliance and declined the promotion offer (it’s a very equal alliance), If you “need” to be more than a member, you probably shouldn’t be more than one.


Yeah, one of our members just reminded me that the bad actor had cajoled and generally conned is into promotion, hung out for a few weeks, then trashed us.

Our current war is not going well, as you’d expect when your down 24 flags vs the other team…


By blurring the names, I meant like… full blur… editing the names out in the screenshots entirely. Not just the spoiler alert type blur.

I am absolutely allowed to post screenshots of a war or whatever as long as I cover up the names of my opponents (and my own fellow teammates as well).

Unfortunately there aren’t many options here though, are there? We’re not supposed to publicly post LINE or Discord IDs or email addresses… alliance chat doesn’t have any direct/private messaging system… no “friends list”… best you can do is click on their name and “stalk them” to wherever they end up, assuming it’s an open alliance, and well then you’re just annoying other alliances…

As for support, I’m pretty sure this is not the kind of issue they would even care about; extremely unlikely that they would ever take any action on it, unfortunately. They don’t have time to deal with every single individual alliance’s personal drama. :man_shrugging:

My man, I was only going to make you an elder because every trusted member of my alliance is an elder. That means that none of them have the power to kick anyone else, except for you. They do have the power to kick you.

Just as I also have the power to kick THEM if they kick you without my permission.

I know you don’t want to be an elder. But you can be if you want to be. It won’t give you power over anyone else, it will only keep them from holding any power over you. Not that our alliance is a power struggle thing anyway, it’s never been about who holds the most power.

(and in case anyone ever forgets, all the real powers are belong to me and me alone)


We will revisit this in ~6 months. :slightly_smiling_face:


Had this problem in another game it was solved by the developers bringing in a messaging system very simple accept friend request then start messaging

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Hah no worries man. I will respect your decision either way. Just know that right now every one of my members have the power to randomly kick you if they’re having a bad day (or maybe might just do it on accident). Very unlikely to ever happen, we have yet to kick anyone out in our entire history. But yeah. If someone ever started going rogue on us… those who are elders could only kick out anyone below that. Which is why I like to “lock in” my trusted people as elders, and only give co-lead privileges to those that I super trust. Member role in my alliance is reserved for those who haven’t quite fully earned my trust yet. I’ve known you for a bit, and I trust you. At least enough to promote you to a position where you’re equal with most of the rest of the group. You can’t kick them, they can’t kick you. :wink:

Here’s a breakdown of how my alliance ranks work:

LEADER - That’s me. I call the shots ultimately. That being said, it’s a democracy. And my primary goal is to keep everyone happy and help us all succeed, keep things copacetic, make sure everyone is on the same page. I will only ever flex my leader muscles if someone becomes a threat to the well being of others.

CO-LEADERS - Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful people that I trust to carry out leadership duties in my absence. They are not to flex their muscles unless absolutely necessary.

ELDERS - Members that I trust. Equal members whose votes and opinions matter just as much as any other member’s.

MEMBERS - New member, who dis? Intern, probationary hire on a trial run to see whether or not you’re a good fit. Promotion to elder granted upon full majority approval.


Yes, absolutely, in fact there’s rarely a problem with posting other Alliance or player names if you’re just discussing tactics etc


I don’t feel right publicly posting other player’s names without their permission either way, unless I’m tagging someone from the forum for a conversational reason.

I’ve seen several instances of “bad actors” in the game though. It’s rather unfortunate that there is no actual recourse against them. Though forming a forum torch and pitchfork mob is likely not the best way to go about dealing with those types, especially since there could be more than one player in the game with the same name.

I remember when I first started playing, joined an alliance, was there for a while… about a month or two in, some new member joined. Then immediately left. I thought “okay, well that was weird.” My leader said “he saw your name and thought you were someone from global chat.”

What? No. I don’t post in global.

Dude came back in. He said “that’s not the same guy from global?” I’m like “man I don’t know what you’re talking about, I never post in global”. He said “oh ok, cool.”

Turns out there was some infamous douche trolling around using a similar name to mine. Nah he wasn’t copying me, this was before I was even on the forum, he just happened to have a similar name in the game.

And I know I’m not always well-liked around here, but apparently this guy was a real piece of work. Like 100x worse than me. And people were mistaking me for him.

Gotta be careful judging people by their names alone. I know everyone likes to think that they’re unique, but look at how many different Eddards are in the game. And when was the last time you joined a website or whatever and they asked you to pick a username, and you got your username on the first try without getting a “sorry, that name is already taken” message?

So yeah… the naming and shaming thing… have to be careful about that.

As OP already mentioned, the bad actor has already changed their username. The only and I mean ONLY way to prevent your alliance from becoming a victim to some jerk is to be very careful about who you let in and who you promote in the first place.


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