How to recover account

Hello, I am the leader of the Furia Mocy
alliance. I write on behalf of my friend Aramis who lost the phone and with him this account, could you help him in recovering the account. He himself wrote to you for help in recovering the account on which he has played for over a year

Recovry should be easy. If he had pluged his account on Google play or other platforms just he must download game pass tutorial and plug device on same platform (google / icloud account). Then all data will move to new phone.

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He no have any login nothing no gogle play login and no fb login and he does not remember account number. That is a problem. He know just lvl and username He does not remember anything more

Then there is nothing that can be done. The game warns you that the only way to back up your game is to connect it with one of their back ups.


After all, support should have access to each account and recovery should still be easier. After giving the nickname and lvl and alliance support should have access to the account and easy recovery, I know it is possible but nobody wants to take care of it. New account new income but also old income so please do whatever you can

Unfortunately, the forum staff canā€™t deal with individual account issues, so your friend really will need to keep working with the the CSRs that he submitted a ticket to. This page seems to have a list of things that you can provide to support to get the account transfered:

Good luck to him in getting this resolved!

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