How to REALLY contact support


Several players currently no longer have access to their game account and are seeking to contact support.

So they used the form available on the following link as shown on the FaQ


They all got the same kind of response :

" Hi!

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I can see that you have sent your support request through our web form or via email. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with the request through these channels due to missing your game account details.

If you can access the game (even if on a newly created account), We kindly ask if you could please use the in-game Support button to submit a new request -
You can find more information on how to contact our support here under ‘Contact’:

If you cannot access the game or your account has been suspended, please let us know the following details for your account:

  1. Account identifier - This is the string starting with a # sign in the bottom right corner of the screen during startup (Type ‘cannot access the game’ If you cannot access this screen)

  2. The platform of your device (Android / iOS or both)

  3. Exact player name of the account you’d like to recover (Case Sensitive)

  4. The player experience level of the account

  5. The name of the Alliance you belong to, as well as your rank there

Due to the high volume of support requests, we ask all players to kindly provide all requested details to speed up the process. Any support requests with missing details will be automatically closed. "

They have all scrupulously filled out the form and re-indicated the information requested in their message.

However, none of them had a concrete answer regarding their problem …

What is your solution to help your players as quickly as possible?

Talk to the contact support?
It is easier to pull one hundred 5* heroes in a row.

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They request you do it via the in-game chat style thing as this will allow them better access to your current account & can then grant that device access to the old account if you have some information about it for them.

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Ok… so are you telling me that the solution is to create a brand new account on the same device and contact the support in game with informations of the old account ?

That’s the instructions that you were given ( posted by yourself in OP) :slight_smile:

I was thinking that multiple account on the same device was against the rules :thinking:

They (support) should work it all out & get the main proper account back

What rule? I’m unaware of any such thing. You do have to maintain an additional Apple or Google account to do so though.

Frankly, it’s a bit of an absurd requirement IMO.

It does seem quite convoluted. IMHO SG should make it easier for a situation such as this. I would likely just give up playing in such a situation.

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