How to Power Level TWO 5-Star Heroes! Kingston & Grazul

I got Kingston today! So, I went ahead and power-leveled him, explaining in great detail how to save and prepare for power leveling. As a bonus, I went ahead and power leveled Grazul immediately after Kingston. Enjoy!


Why would you pull for him today? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to await Pirates?

That said, cool video. Thanks for posting


@Halifax haha yes, I totally agree with you. I just thought it would be fun to make a video power leveling Kingston on the first day he’s legal :slight_smile:

But yes, it’s WAY smarter to wait for the Pirates event, I recommend that for everyone else. There’s plenty of better times to get Kingston this month including the Pirates event, the Halloween event, and Atlantis. If you wait until then, you can get some other really cool and unique 5-star heroes too.

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That was totally awesome! My question is how many times do you farm a day to build your camps, and what 3 levels do you farm the most consistently? To build up that many days is insane! Also how did you get to pack up tc20 so much like that?

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I just make sure my world energy is never completely full, so I probably completely farm the map about 3 times a day. I farm 12-9 and 6-8 mostly. I just put extra resources into TC20 when I have them.


If you don’t mind sharing… how many pulls did you made before you managed to get him?

@NittanyLionRoar are those S1 or S2?

There was a guy discussing with nearly half of the forum saying this was impossible without cheating. Hope this annoying guy sees this. Nice work and hope you enjoy your new heroes.


@Shoop take a look at this video…here’s how, no hacking :slight_smile:

If you’d like to see more of Kingston in action, I took him on some raid revenges: Raiding with Kingston

@Kusanagi87 I did A LOT. Like 160 or something like that.

@LadyAchilles which part of the video is your question about?

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@NittanyLionRoar you said you do mostly 12-9 and 6-8 in farming, I was asking which season, and a follow up which of those gives you the most backpacks?

Oh I see. Yeah, I’m talking about season 1. I only farm Atlantis during Atlantis Rising.

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Do you farm 12-9 and 6-8 to get backpacks? I thought the best provinces to get them were 8-7 and 5-8

What I wanna know is, does that E&P ripoff game treat its players as badly or better than E&P chooses to treat its players? Cuz I can find a new game and forum easily, and their newest idea of a feature is one I won’t even bother with…plus I think the mods hate me anyways.

I farm those because they give a lot of resources all around.

Geez you guys. I never disputed leveling ONE hero. Relax lol

It just stuff like this that bothers me. Point at his level and say he never touched his TC’s in years.


You have to admit, seeing TWO actually “POWER” leveled from 0 to max in short order has an eyebrow raising effect! My OP, at the start I said “one hero ok, I buy that… but two?!!”
The OP screenshot was taken 6 hours after both heroes were available. So my jaw dropped and… I yielded ok it’s possible!

Thanks for your video Nittany btw, very cool.
3.77 to 4.0 is power leveling? Heheee, sorry man. Your a boss! Thanks again for the display

It still raises my eyebrows when I see it… Aren’t you guys impressed? The wings of his lineup too. Just… WOW! Almost like he has never touched his TC’s until now
Wait… :rofl:

And those talents… no one can deny this is a step-up from Nittany’s video:

Well I find it impressive anyway!

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Im a level 47 player who is vc2p. Ive always leveled only by color (red for reds, etc.). At this point, should i just pick one hero and dump all resources into that hero regardless of color?