How to post condensed roster images?

I’ve seen people able to post shots of their condensed rosters - but beyond snapping individual screen caps on my iPhone I’ve never figured out how to do that

Is there an ap or a way I’m missing?

This is the one I use, made by @GDIBass

I personally think it’s amazing!!


It does a lot of useful stuff:

  • Condenses roster for easy sharing of screenshots
  • Actually has a “share profile” link
  • Class trials team building
  • War team planning
  • Levelling plan/ tracking
  • Emblem planning
  • Troop levelling
  • Profile analysis

Also has an alliance section:

  • Can have all alliance members sign up OR you can add members as “sub profiles”
  • Analyses maxed heroes for war coordination.
  • Sort / filter by colour, stars, maxed/not, speed or even specific heroes.

Is it down atm; or not work w iPhone?

I try to login and this screen just keeps hanging

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I am logged in and it’s loading, although pages are taking a little longer to load than usual - I am on PC.
Also, @Guvnor how does one link to their profile? I don’t see an option to share but I must be over looking it?

Something like this?

If you have option to split screen, the game app adjusts to the new format and is “wider”.

@Guvnor. Yes!!

@Halifax. Try not to laugh please? I could just post an image but I think this tool lets you do things.
My primary roster!

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Ok ignore my above post @Guvnor I looked in Settings and I had it all set to no one being able to see/find me except for Alliance, and now I have changed it, it gives me a link.

I am a doh :grin:

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@notyou87. It is not exactly intuitive, but it is there over on the top right of your window: Settings!


It shouldn’t be down at the moment. Can you shoot me a direct message (on LINE or Discord) and I’ll help fix the issue.

Thank you,


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@sft1965 @notyou87 I just added “Sharing Settings” to the My drop down. Hopefully that makes it easier to find!


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