How to organize my defense?

I have nice amount of five stars, some good, some bad, some mediocre. If you like to look at hero rosters and think what you would like to do with them, please take a look of mine.

I have one set of tonics, rings and tabards waiting.

With the current 5* maxed, I’d personally do this:

Misandra | Kadilen | Anzogh | Domitia | Onatel

Kingston, Ursena, and Grazul would be my choices to ascend next (without knowing your 4* roster)


Your suggestion is the one I’m currently using. I have 23 maxed 4*s, I’m really not lacking those.

I was thinking more like a future defence, right now I’m working with Ursena, Joon, Isarnia, Marjana and Kingston.

A good defence team in the future would be Misandra-Grazul/Anzogh-Ursena-Onatel-Kingston.


Missandra- anzogh- ursena- kingston- joon.

You might avoid Onatel in def, average is not quick enough and ai is terrible managing her skill. Joon is the best bet when you lack of drake. But he needs to be wing as hes a bit squeeshie.

My 2 cents

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I’m currently faced with the choice of Kingston or Kadilen. I only have the ascension mats for one & both have been sitting at 3/70. Kadilen has been sitting there much longer, but I use Kingston a lot more.

I haven’t been able to quite get the all of the definitions & strategies others talk about down e.g. defense down, defense up, attack down, etc., or the synergy between heroes. Also, figuring out which heroes work best with others (somewhat synergy) and who overwrites whom.

Sooooooo, with all of that said, who would you ascend first, Kingston or Kadilen? Hahaha

I would choose Kingston first easily. Better to have a hard hit on a single target, than a weaker hit to all enemies.

Even if he doesn’t kill his target, they’re crippled with an attack ailment, as are the nearby enemies.

Also his immunity to burns helps a lot when you want the option to bring green heroes against a team with Gravemaker. Put him in the center when attacking – this way, Gravemaker is guaranteed to only burn two of your heroes.