How to move forward when switching from f2p to pay

When I started I was a f2p player. I was lucky enough to pull a handful of 5* even before I really understood the game play. I maxed them out thinking 5* team should be maxed out. Now I have been spending money on pulls and gems and I am blessed with a number of 5* including a number of duplicates. My question is who should I max and replace on my number 1 team? Here are my top 3 teams and and my next 20 most powerful. Any advice will be appreciated!

IMO you nest hegoes to Ascend are:
Mother Nord

But it depends on your play style:
Do yo attack with mono, 3-2 or anything else. What war tank color does your alliance use?

Happy gaming

Mother North, Black Knight and Hel really stand out as must ascend. Mitsuko right after BK.

Nice roster!


add costume magni after black knight, mother north and hel

Agreed. Missed the costume there…yeah, C Mag is a helluva hitter

In my honest opinion, I would focus on building:
Black Knight
Mother North
Costume Vivica
Costume Magni
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

From your other heroes look to fully level:
Guardian Jackal, Guardian Falcon, Gullinbursti, Gretel, Costume Rigard, Wu Kong, Costume Boldtusk, Almur, Brynhild, Proteus, Costume Melendor, Mist, Sapphire
Costume Balthazar, Costume Bane, Gramps, Candy, Treevil, Maeve, Poppy, Helo, Nordri

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I wouldn’t ignore Gullinbursti there. His overheal is amazing and as a 4* he can be maxed much quicker than any 5*. He would add another healing option, which tend to be less than stellar in holy.

I have Vivica at 3/70 does that change your thoughts on Gullinbursti at all?

I don’t see all of your roster. I would be interested to see how many maxed 3 stars and 4 stars you have. I see way too many new players who sacrifice them to feed their 5 stars and suffer for it. Every weekly tournament that you face is a chance to get Aethers and other ascension materials, but if you don’t have a wide variety of 3 star and 4 star heroes, you will likely do poorly in them. Monthly events are also dependent on a roster that has an army of 3 stars and 4 stars. The resources required to work on 5 stars is too high for a developing player. I recommend that you start with 3 stars…3 of each color to fully level. Then work on 3-4 of each color of 4 stars. You will do much better in all aspects of the game (which will help you obtain more ascension materials). Once you do this, your farms and whatnot can more easily deal with the requirements of working on 5s. My guess is from what I am seeing, you are probably weak when it comes to 3s and 4s.

fwiw, I went from f2p for about 2 days to p2p. Now I am a do not play. Here was my roster.

Before it “disappeared” I had about 7 of each color of 3’s and at least that many 4’s. I did well weekly and had a roster deep enough that I did not have a difficult time to finish whatever the game through at me.


Hey thanks for the advice! These are the things I want to learn. Here are the 3* and 4*s I have maxed. I also have about 30 3 and 4 *s that I haven’t leveled because I don’t know how to use them yet.

I have Vivica at 4-80+17 and use her a lot. But I am f2p so my choices are limited. If I had Gulli he would be my first choice, unless I got Viv’s costume. I find he makes raids harder than she does (without costume) as an opponent just because of the overheal. He is among the first opponents I concentrate on, Viv is often the last.

It takes very few resources to level a 3 star. You are about half way to getting 3 of each color. I have been out of the game for a while so I don’t know who excels from the newer 3’s. I think it is worthwhile to eventually level 1 of each 3 star so that you can use different lineups depending on what type of tournament it is. I would ask alliance members here for particular hero skills as I am a bit rusty in this area.

Vivica costume Is a gem. I would finish leveling her over Gulli. I agree with the list people gave you but would add her to the list. Mother North, Bk,Hel, Magni Costume, and Vivica Costume (Devana close second)

Ok so let me see if I have the gist of things. Everyone seems to like Vivica costume, Magni costume too. Now looking at the difference between regular and costume is you guys prefer the negative defense on the opponents, rather than the defensive buff on Allies. Even though the buff is 2x more than the de-buff. Is that about the size of things? So in general I should look for more de-buff stats rather than buffs for allies? Again thanks to everyone who has taken time to answer this thread.

My presonal preference for the 4 buffs is:
1 Defense down
2 Attack up
3 Defense up (higher priority on defense)
4 Attack down (never a priority, but still a nice bonus on a hero that is good for other reasons)

Also there are 2 types of def down (elemental and regular) which stack and are best in combination same as 2 types attack up (overall and tile damage)

-44% opponent defense is better than +63% allies defense. But it also depends on what other heroes you have. In some situations you may prefer the +63 allies defense. And you may have another hero for the def down – I use Athena regularly for that.

There is also the mana consideration. Having the costume maxed increases hero mana by 5%, which benefits both costumed and non-costumed versions. That is significant for a slow hero.

I have Lianna’s costume but will most likely never use the costumed version. I have other heroes fro mana control and Lianna is too good a sniper to weaken her attack.

I have 3 maxed…soon to be 4 Hels. She is a top 3 hero IMHO. You have to use her correctly but she is awesome!

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