How to meet rare quest?

Hello, everyone. I’m a new player in this game. I’ve been playing it for about 2-3 months. But I’ve never met a rare quest. Why is that

Farholme Pass was just last week…

Yes, I see the time of rare quest in the activity calendar, but I never see it in the game

Press the Quest button on the bottom left of your screen, it will show you the current quests

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Yes, if you have access to the quest feature, then you will see the same quests at the same time as everyone else. If you don’t think you have seen any, then I am afraid that you might just have overlooked it.

What lvl are you? IIRC the quests are released at a threshold lvl (10?)
But playing a few months without getting to lvl 15 at least? Must be another cause.

Take a screenshot the next time the quest should be active and post it here again. It’s difficult to judge right now because no one has an active rare quest

ok,thanks,when the next time?

According to the calendar this Friday.

However, ask your alliance to let you know when it’s up because sometimes the days change a little bit

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Rare quests appear randomly. I’d expect the next in the next two or three days, but that’s just an assumption.

They’re not completely random, they appear 7-10 days after the last one

Yes, more or less. I tracked for some time now how many “normal” quests appeared since the last rare one and there’s some variety. Also depends a bit on how many “uncommon” ones compared to “commons” there had been as the latter have a shorter timespan and are replaced faster.

Also, I just wanted to clarify, did you mean rare quests or event challenges?

rare quests,I mean…

Ok. You definitely should be able to see it if it comes up. Also, it is helpful to join a supportive alliance. For example, my alliance (shoutout to Helios) always puts up a reminder every time there is a special quest.

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