How to max a 5* in 7 days

Hello everyone,

I was talking earlier with a friend who was wondering how I was managing to max a 5* in “only” one week. I’m just gonna explain it here, if it can helps some other people.

ps : yes, some people can up a 5* in one hour, I’m just sharing my “strategy” to do it within one week.

Requierments :

  • 1 training camp lvl 19 minimum
  • 3 training camp lvl 9 minimum
  • Between 500 & 700 Adventurers Kits & Practice Swords
  • Arround 300/400 Rugged Clothes
  • A 5* you really love, cause this method is pretty expensive.

The method :

The method I’m using requiers 4 training camps. You have to get your four training camps absolutly free. And you won’t be able to use any of them for anything else during the next 7 days. So, tell your food bank bye.

1st step :

From 1 to 50 : TC 19 only ! You have to up your 5* from lvl 1 to lvl 50 with a single TC19 ! The 3 others have to be building some 1/2* of the color your heroes is. You’ll use them later.

Red :fire: Training camp 5
Blue :droplet: Training camp 6
Green :evergreen_tree: Training camp 7
Purple :grapes: Training camp 8
Yellow :sun_with_face: Training Camp 9

If you’re doing good, you should have one camp building some lvl 19, and 3 camps building some lvl 5/6/7/8/9, depending the color of your 5*.

Step 2 :

From lvl 1 to lvl 25 : TC 19 again ! Meanwhile, your other camps have to still be building some heroes of the color the hero you wanna up is. Once you got enough 1* from TC19 to up your 5* at lvl 25, build some 1/2* with the camp ! Don’t let it free ! You must always have 4 training camps running.

From lvl 25 to lvl 60 : Training camp 5/6/7/8/9 (depends the color your heroes is). Wich means your 4 camps are building some 1/2*.

Step 3 :

Free one of your training camp to be able to start some TC 19 again. The method is the same as the 2nd step. From lvl 1 to 25, TC 19 ! From lvl 25 to 70, TC 5/6/7/8/9 ! Once again, don’t forget to change your TC 19 to TC 5/6/7/8/9 once your 5* is lvl 25.

Step 4 :

As usual :

Lvl 1 to 25 : TC19
Lvl 25 to 80 : TC 5/6/7/8/9

Important : during all the process, you also have to feed your 5* with ALL THE HEROES you find by farming. You also have to feed him with all the training heroes you get from chests. Just give it all to him. Absolutly every single heroes must be in his belly.

Dunno if it’s clear. I hope so.

Have funny fun guyz :slight_smile:


TC 5-9 is a slower route than TC1 & 2. The wait time is double than that of TC 2 and the cost extremely high.
TC 2 will penalize you 16.7% XP on 80% of the heroes, but you get double that in the same time at a much cheaper cost and you save swords that can be used at TC 1 & 3 depending on Recruit & Ham levels.

TC 4-18 apart from TC 11 should be avoided like the plague imho


Well, this is the way I’m doing it.

Not saying it’s the best way, didn’t try any other to be honnest. But I’m talking about this one cause I’m using it & I know that it’s working. If you have any better idea, feel free to share Sir ! :smiley:


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