How to make raid more competitive?


I really like raid, but what is the stake ?
No one, if you win, cool, if you loose, not cool, but it’s not a big deal (i know, loosing in a game is never a big deal, but you know what i mean)

As a simple player, here are my 2 suggestions.

-Rewards, like for event, every month, a reward, and the first one can have the HotM.

-Revenge possible no matter if opponent is connected or not. Like in t100, but for everyone.

This could be interesting but with only a change: a separate team like the special event to avoid the revenge risk on changing the defensive team.

I hope that SG’s HOTM choice will not prevent to 99,999% of the playerbase/month to get previous HOTM

Right now in beta there is some juicy news about the raid system that makes it definetely more interesting and competitive.

Too soon to said anything more, but stay assured something changing.