How to make game suggestions

Is there a way of talking to the people in charge about ideas for the game, or just the forum?


Why don’t you want to post your ideas in the forum? Are you shy?

i dont write that well in english. I understand everything, but lack confidence in writing

Your English is better than many native speakers.


simple ones, carefully thought…
I lack vocabulary, and spelling, mostly

i will try to translate my idea for english later, to show it here, if thats the only option

I honestly don’t see the moderators or the SG folks jumping in to offer you a way to privately contact those people in charge. Posting on the forum is the natural way to make your ideas known.

Don’t worry too much about posting in English. The players posting here have many shortcomings, but making fun of non-native English speakers is not one of them.
They didn’t make fun of me! :smiley: (so far…)

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Where do I go to make a game suggestion?

If it is not a business idea that you want to keep secret, than you can just create a new topic in this section of the forum and describe your suggestion. Other people can vote for your proposal if they like it.

Thank you very much.

Здравствуйте, я хотела предложить разработку смайлов, нельзя ли как то их сделать что бы использовать с телефона. А то когда печатаешь смс в игре альянса или мировой. Не получается ставить то что хотелось с телефона. Прошу вас разработать эту систему пожалуйста :hugs:

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