How to make friends, grow stronger, and destroy your enemies

Welcome! :wave:

Narcissistic Injury is looking for friendly, mature players who desire a drama-free, long-term home.

Requirements :

  • 3000+ Team Power required, 3500+ preferred. No strict trophy requirements. Players with lower TP may be allowed under certain circumstances… don’t be afraid to talk to us .
  • F2P is welcome, but optional. Unlike some alliances we will never ask/require you to spend money .
  • War and Titan participation is mandatory, unless you give us advance notice that you cannot make it and opt out (see below).
  • Good communication is a must. We are very accommodating to real life issues; all we ask is that you let us know if you are going to be absent.
  • We are family friendly, so chat must be kept reasonably clean. This isn’t Tinder… :roll_eyes:
  • Discord is required. We have a lot of extra resources there to help you.

Benefits of joining us :

  • Your own personal room in our Discord chat (we no longer use Line).
  • We will teach you war and Titan strategy, as well as team building and base construction.
  • Friendly, welcoming chat environment. Come build real-world friendships!
  • Competent, drama-free leadership!
  • Plenty of learning resources in our Discord.
  • We are (mostly) all adults, and we understand that real life happens sometimes.
  • 8*+ Titans. The stronger you are, the higher they are!

Bonus : Join us and you will never have to read General Chat again! :see_no_evil:

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