How to make E&P even more interesting

Hi community I don’t know this is the duplicate thread , if so sorry for that , now introduction of many events like traven, costume game , season 3 etc become more more interesting , any ideas to make it even more interesting? Thanks

I’m not sure I follow. You are saying, “these things already make the game interesting—some of which literally just came out—what else could we all come up with?”

Is that right? :thinking:

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I’m not sure this belongs in Ideas and Feature Requests since all it seems to do is ask for ideas. More like General Discussion until there is an actual idea?


Once day a random hero you have is sacrificed but gives 25% attack to all the other hero’s you have.

That would make the game a lot more interesting!

All in favour?

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How about giving free traven of legend secret hero to all players ? Lol that’s never be happened but they can give new heroes with full level to all players to test ( new HOTM and secret heroes ) for 3 tries only in finished map , is this sound good ?

A great doubt about that, but I thought they’d be nice and give out a 100 Legend Coins for the first time the quest was introduced, like with Costume Chamber, except obviously being for this time only.

At the very least, it wouldn’t have made me pulling Gunnar feel… disgusting…

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Omg, I’m sitting here thinking and I just came up with something that might be good, might be worse. (and since it’s obvious Season 2 3*, 4*, or 5* heroes aren’t going to be mixed into Elemental Summons) What if they decided to bring in more annoying collectible coins… but these are semi-easier to farm and primarily helped do single-pulls for specific elements that rotate in the Elemental Summon? Or have a coin that’s like the Challenge Coin but still does single pull Elemental Summon for any of the five elements?

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