How to level now?

Need seniors advise here.

Current setup

Team 1:
Kiril 8/8 ascension 3
Melendor 8/8 ascension 3
Wu Kong 8/8 ascension 4
Sir Lancelot 8/8 ascension 4
Tiburtus 8/8 ascension 4.
(Lvls all not maxed out, Main defense team + raid team + war team 1)

Team 2:
Grimm 4/8 ascension 2
Skittleskull 6/8 ascension 2
Leonidas 4/8 ascension 2
Scarlett 5/8 ascension 2
Rigard 3/8 ascension 2
(Lvlsl all not maxed out, war team 2)

Team 3:
Ulmer 6/8 ascension 3,not maxed
carver 6/8 ascension 3, max lvl
Bane 8/8 ascension 3, max lvl
hawkmoon 7/8 ascension 3, max lvl
Balthazar 3/8 ascension 3, max lvl
(war team 3)

Potted 3 x & got these following:
Magni (5*), Marjana (5*), Li xiu (4*), Sir Lancelot (4*), Merlin (4*), Sonya (4*) x 2, Boldtusk (4*), little john (4*), gormek (4*), Sabina (4*) + some other garbage 3* heros

Am thinking of using the 4 & 5* to form a new defense/raid team but am not sure what to use. (cause these new ones look awesome) I’ve few spare 4* like melendor, boril, rigard, tiburtus also.

Anyone??? Help??? Help???

The way you’ve written out your heroes is hard to decipher and easily make sense of.

Post screenshots of your hero roster OR do it like this:

Hero name, tier/level.

E.g. Kiril 1/1 (fresh tier 1/level 1 hero). Sartana 3/70 (tier 3 level 70).

Also, we’d need to know what amount of ascension materials you have as that will make a difference in what heroes to level.

Post all that info and I think you’ll get a better response. Good input = good output.

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will this help?

Still no help?? Anybody there?

hi there…hmmm…got a lot of good ones there so i start with them:
wu is absolutely great on titans but not so for off and def ( in my opinion)

magni…marjana…leonidas great 5* but have to lvl…they start really good on the 4tier

Rigard Kiril Melendor Boldtusk all good but i would recommend Rigard as soon as possible (for off and def with his cleaning special very helpful)

Also i would work on Sonya and Merlin (he is fabulous on raids)

LiXiu is good for a defteam

just lots to do mate :laughing:

thanks onelife… at least give me some ideas now.

your welcome…

by the way i recommended sonya cause tibi…grimm and gormek does have the same debuff (and the bonikiller from sonya is good )

Just continue working on your top 5 heroes right now. You have a good core team in Kiril, Tiburtus and Wu Kong. In my opinion, you will not need another healer as you already have Kiril and Melendor. Tiburtus is you armor debuffer and Wu Kong is Wu kong, learn how to use his skill and you will wreck titans and raid defenses.

You can work on Scarlett after you are done with Lancelot. Work on Grimm next. Boldtusk is also great all around.

If you have enough (or close) ascension materials needed to ascend Magni and Marjana then start to work on them.


thank u seniors for e pointers… will study my heros again… e top tier guys are scary btw… 4k+ hit points…

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