How to kill kunchen

Guys, help me how to kill kunchen, help me!

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Sorry guys please please

Age limit is 16 lolz


Flee, that’s an option :rofl:

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Totally agree with you… That’s questionable too, sometimes :smile:

We actually got +70yo member. Thats quite something. But I love players who got great sense of humor :slight_smile:

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We have 67 yo and he’s just awesome… Started low, learned fast, asking questions… Something that all newbies should do, but for whatever reason, they just don’t :confused:
Okay, he doesn’t ask “How to kill Kunchen”, tho :joy:

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But yes, stab him with Hiddenblade if U find some :slight_smile:


You need high spike damage wich wouldn’t be achieved by lowering his defense (as he is immune to such status effect) so to achieve it you should rely on:

  1. Color stacking
  2. Mana control
  3. Special skills

In my last war I fought 5 Kunchens with the teams here above (winning, click the image to zoom it at will) and taking it down in a field aid’s war by:

  • Lowering his mana, while the dot and tiles were doing their job.
  • Stacking holy heroes and preventing Drake Fong to cast, misses destroys color stacks
  • Empowering my heroes’ attack and blasting him with snipers
  • Lowering his elemental defense, monocolor were possible due to suboptimals flanks
  • The last and more risky, purple color stack and Tarlak. He still took 200 damage from each purple tile after his Martial Prowess were casted.

It’s simple, you must reduce his HP to 0. You do this by attacking him.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a jab, now seriously though, depending on what you have, you might use multiple options:

1.) Mana control. The base options would be Chao, as he has fast special and is holy. Better options are Proteus/Hel (stops gaining mana altogether), Merlin (if brainwash is active, Kunch will empty his mana and kick one of his teammates in teeth when his mana gets full) or Hansel (punches himself and loses half of mana when it gets full).

2.) Silence. Kunch won’t fire his special even if mana is full. This is difference with Proteus/Hel since targets can still fire their special if they have full mana (and with Rigard this may become problematic).

3.) Healing block, so Kunch won’t heal himself. All of them are specific to Sand Empire though.

4.) Use Wilbur and attack other members in the team, so Kunch won’t get mana as fast. He is slow, so that may work. Risky though depending on other members and depends greatly on board.

5.) Elemental def debuff. If you have Jackal, go with him, since Kunch is already weak to Holy and Jackal is both Very Fast and hits hard.


Lol. Super counterintuitive, but i double stack dark(1 flank, 1 wing) next to guin. I run x, panther, guin, x, seshat against Kunch. Panther elemental def down, seshat snipes him dead.

Emblemed Kunchen has Mana Shield. He could resist Silence, mana down, etc.

Wilbur could work well against Kunchen, until he fires his def down effect, then your team will be in trouble too.

Stacking yellow or a neutral color against Kunchen and praying for a good board is probably the best strategy.

I simply color stack. I go 3-1-1 or 3-2 depending on who Kunchen is being accompanied by. Emblemed Kunchen is a tad tricker due to the manashield talent. I typically take 3 holy heroes along with Proteus and Grimm. Even though Kunchen resists the defense down, he still takes damage from the attack. And at least the ones at his flank will be more vulnerable to attack.

On my roster on my main, the three I take are Hu Tao, Chao, and Li Xiu. As those are my only leveled holy heroes atm. Chao has a few nodes so pierce can kick in whenever it feels like it and bypass any defenses. These three have proven to be very good at keeping Kunchen in check until I can nuke him with a bunch of holy tiles.