How to join a top alliance?

Just curious what it takes to join a top alliance. I consistently have 2500+ trophies and have six war teams that are over 3600 in power each. Very active and hit every Titan and use all war attacks (which is my personal priority).

Have you tried looking through the Alliance Recruitment part of the forum? I guess you probably have but thought I would ask.

I am also guessing top alliances would only rarely need more players?

Good luck

Different alliances have different requirements. You might want to get in touch with the ones you find interesting and check if they are recruiting. Some have Line id or Discord url in banner or you can post in alliance recruitment forum. There are also recuitment groups on Line and a recuitment Discord server.

Wormwood is recruiting anyway

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You can always ask. I know the leaders of some of the top alliances post their Line ID in the alliance banner. I have two accounts and both of them are in top alliances. They have been for a long time now. There really is a lot of movement generally in the top alliances and you never know when an opening will come only that one will most certainly come.

Many of the Top Alliances have waiting lists. If you are interested, you may want to contact some of the leaders and let them know your interest. Be prepared to post your Inventory (preferrably without a ton of feeder heroes in the mix.) If you see an opening in an alliance you might be interested in joining, Make certain that your best defensive team is up front and marked as your defensive team , then knock. That will at least get you invited in for a talk.

I don’t think there is a top alliance that does not have sub-alliances where they have people stay to either improve or wait for a spot in the main Alliance. Don’t sweat it if you get relegated to one of the Sub-Alliances for a bit until something opens up. Just pitch in and help where you can. Prove you are what you say you are by being active both in Wars and on Titans.

I have seen people who have moved up a bit early and this may not be you, but it has happened…a Lot. I do know that the people in the top alliances are exceptionally good at evaluating exactly where a person belongs. Believe me, it is no fun for anyone involved to see someone struggling against serial 12* titans or being the player who is one shotted repeatedly in AW as many times as the timer will allow.

Get involved in the Line chat groups. There are several PVP groups and the Spice Academy is probably the best open chat involved with the game. Present yourself there in chat, follow the rules and see where that leads.


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