How to improve my raid defense team without a strongest tank?

Hi guys,

I am trying to change my defense team setup because I unfortunately use to win only 2 or 3 out of 10 raids made against me.

As you may see from the Roster I am enclosing ( I am just posting the strongest heroes), I do not have any “real” tank yet.

So I am trying to figure out what sort of team would be best suited for me….unless I get a strong tank.

My team now is the following one

and before this one my team was:

How can I build a strong team with the roster I do have in my hands?

Thank you guys for any help.

Zim and Drake are your best tanks right now
I would try:


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Thorne is actually a very good tank (but not good at anything else).

I’d go with Victor/Sartana-Zim-Thorne-Drake-Marjana. It’s not a rainbow team but neither Greg not Elk are good on defence.


what do you think about putting Rigard with Costum flanked to Drake?

Screenshot_20200515-161556_Empires Screenshot_20200515-161609_Empires


your suggestion seems very very nice, although I am quite doubtful about Thorne…do you think it fits in this setup?


With emblems C. Rigard can be good flank in def team, personally I will keep Sartana over Victor

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So you mean to keep Rigard C and Sartana on flanks with Drake as tank?

What’s your objective here? If it’s just to open chests in Diamond, you’re already fine. I would expect your defense to hold over 2,400 overnight too. Beyond that, there’s no real benefit to winning attacks against you.

You do lack an elite level tank, but there are only a handful of those in the game, and you usually need at least one specific elite complementary piece for them to really shine. Point is, most players are in that situation too, so I wouldn’t sweat it.

To my eyes, the best tank on your roster is Elena, if you can max her and giver her at least a few emblems.


Current roster I’d do
Zim Magni Elk Thorne Marjana.

Potential defense I’d work on would be getting Costume Rigard+19.
Zim Joon C Rigard Drake Magni

I’m running a defense that invites raids so I have plenty of revenge reroll options. 8t still stays in diamond and that is what I found most effective vs the bloat of Tell tank teams.

Even with this lineup, it regularly gets raided up to 2900+ before coming back down. It’s like people can’t believe they lost yo a naked Sif tank.

20 costumed Rigards

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The defense you’d do with my current roster would be the following but…Thorne is just Medium about mana charging…I am doubtful …and I do not have 2 high level blu troops

While the defense you suggest with Rigard C. As tank is interesting…even if there is the same “problem” with troops…

Guys just one note:
We are not considering any healer for the defense team. Rigard heals not in one turn…but splitted in 3 turns.
I am quite attacking style of player, yes, but would it be the case to put Vivica…even if she is slow?

Something like this

What do u think?

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If you do use Vivica she would serve you better as a flank imo.

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