How to improve my current team?

Hi Guys,

I am a player at level 24 and I am trying to build up a very strong team for both defense, raids and titans (apart from switching some heroe case by case).

I am attaching screens of my current team and of my complete roster (I naturally skipped some 1* that still remain before feeding higher level heroes).

Would you please let me know which heroes should I focus on and which composition would be the best one? If necessary, also which elemental summoning should I focus on.

Thank you guys, I am looking forward to hearing your advices.

Rigard - Sonya - Kashhrek - Elena - Grimm

For summons: try the event one (knights)

Hi Fra,

no Yellow Hero?

As regards “event one” you mean the elemental summon? In case it is, which color should I focus on?

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The event won’t have the elemental summons. It will be similar to the epic hero summon but with a chance of pulling an event hero as well.

Your yellow is weak. Hu Tao is ok but the team pointed out is stronger. Yes you will be firing yellow tiles that do almost no damage but the blue will be more damage.

As far as setup. I may switch Grimm and Elena and protect Grimm a bit more.

If you want to complete the events (what I highly suggest because its rewarding and fun!!) your goal should be to train at least 5 3* heroes to somewhat level 3/30 so you can complete it.
After that you want to get a full team of 4* Heroes up to 4/70 also for event but 4* heroes are good in every part of the game.

Don‘t level Heroes like Elena or Thorne for now. It will limit your progress and the ascension mats are too hard to come by for a beginner. You started with Gormek so keep him going. On top of that STOP THORNE and level SONYA. And on top Kashrek, Rigard and Hu Tao. Level them all to 3/60. whenever you have the mats get them up to 4/70. when sonya is up level Grimm next he is one of the best 4*. In my view he is way better than 5* Thorne and he only costs half the XP and ascension mats!

I started also like you concentrating on 5* but for a beginner thats a baaad approach. Trust me go with 4* Heroes and level your 3* team for the event.

A good rule of thumb is that a 4* hero at 4/70 is better than a 5* hero at 3/70. And the bonus is that the 4* is easier to level there.
There are exceptions of course, with some poor 4* (Hu Tao and possibly Cyprian as examples IMO) and exceptional 5*, usually HotM, breaking the rule, but generally it’s a good one to work with.
In real terms, at lower than 4th ascension tier, 5* power levels as a measure of actual effectiveness are like the cake, a lie.

@Maaeetz, @Paulon

So guys, focusing on a very rock-solid 4* team should be the best strategy for my current gaming level…and the only weakness could be Hu Tao…in case I succeeded grabbing either Wu Kong or Li Xiu, they should be good candidates to replace Hu Tao, shouldn’t they?

Then, since I should start leveling both Sonya and Grimm from scratch, I would avaoid starting with Sonya and keep Grimm for later times while I would immediately focus on Grimm.

This way, sooner or later, my team would be (with the layout I would place):

Gormek - Grimm - Kashrek - Rigard - Hu Tao (better if Wu Kong or Li xiu)

What do you think?

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Looks good for now. Depending on what comes along in the meantime.

Maybe put Gormek in the center and Kash next to him with Grimm on the edge. Still protecting Grimm with double healers. Kash only heals nearby which in this case would be Grimm and Gormek.

Since you have a Defdowner in Gormek I would strongly suggest you to level Sonya because the cleanse effect is golden! You really need it for raids. If you want to go for Grimm that bad than consider Kelile instead of Gormek but I don‘t like her and think Gormek/Sonya is the way to go.

And for yellows: any yellow is better than Hu tao. I‘d say WuKong>Chao>LiXiu>HuTao for overall usability!


Your point is convincing. So, the layout to go could be this one? :

Sonya - Kashrek - Gormek - Rigard - (Wu Kong or Chao or Li Xu)

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He does make a good point. I would agree, Sonya is a nice fast sniper so she would work as well.

I still have her to level as I decided to start Isarnia over her. Mainly because Isarnia has kicked my butt in raids. I want to use her and Wu together.

That looks pretty good. For now HuTao is good on the spot because he is 3/60. I would personally never ascend him to fourth tier. So you have 4 colours to level and Kashrek also nearly 3/60 then your main goal now is Sonya/Gormek/Rigard to 3/60. After that you start with Grimm and Kelile all way up to 3/60 until you get the mats to ascend them. You will want to have at least 2 of every colour leveld so you can colour stack. And don‘t level further on Skittle, she is also BS. Remember that nearly ALL 3* and 4* with Slow mana are crap;)

Edit: I would start level the 5* when you are close to get the mats ready for them. But this will take months/years!!


So, once all of them (Kashrek-Sonya-Gormek-Rigard-Grimm-Kelile) are 3/60 I will, providing I grabbed the mats for ascension, ascend only Grimm and Kelile first than the others once material is available?

It really depends on who you get Mats for. Focus on ascending your main team before anything. I made that mistake so was left with a bunch of semi usable heros. Since I have started focusing on one of each color there has been a huge difference across the board.

Get the first 5 to 3/60. Ascend and max whoever you are able to out of them.

Grimm or Kelile would only get started if at 3/60 you don’t have mats for Gormek or Sonya.

@Maaeetz @Rockstar9280 @Paulon @FraVit93

Thank you guys :sunglasses::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I will keep you informed :hugs: