How to help our volunteer moderators

I think it’s been suggested before that there should be an @modetator tag, which would be helpful.

That would need discourse to support tags of groups, which I don’t think it does.


I think you guys should get paid. I would not be providing a free service like you do, my time, even my fun time, is valuable. Anything that causes aggravation, I would definitely need to get paid.

I think they should be paid in accordance with Finland laws and pay grades (SG is from Finland?). Not an easy job to assemble all these info and provide them to general public. Some of the Zephyr posts are so detailed that i truly can not believe someone took their own time to assemble those.
Maybe a voting option could be inserted in this post!!!

Some great idea’s in this thread!

When I see how much time I invest in E&P, the forums and then think how much time a mod needs to invest to keep things running smooth here, I wonder how they do this.

I would appriciate it a lot if we can make sure that the persons who are doing this great job for the community are rewarded apropriate or are with enough people so they do not have to be awake 20 hours a day.
We need to be protective of the ones that are willing to do this for our community and not burn them in a few months time.
Yes I also understand real life can make some changes and time needs to be shifted to different priorities instead of this game. But lets be honoust, the work and time invested by our mods on a volountary base is very huge.
So I fully agree to expand the mod base or pay them for their services.

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What portion of the moderator tasks would you imagine these people would help with?

Merging requires reading a lot, because you need to know what threads already exist, and need to read the thread you’re merging to, to make sure it’s an appropriate fit.

A large group of people handling flags would be a nightmare, and lead to a lot of inconsistency — all the more so if it were someone who doesn’t read a lot of posts.

I can see the argument for more people helping, but I’m skeptical about the premise of what someone who doesn’t read a ton on the Forum would be able to help with effectively.

That actually sounds stress inducing to me, like running around cleaning up after 50 puppies.


There’s one potentially easy solution to this:

Use flags for moderator stuff, and tagging for fun stuff.


I think that’s a great idea!

Maybe one of the Regulars would like to make that thread, so I don’t have to? :thinking::joy:


I’m very happy to make it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I’ll PM you so we can work out guidance on the Forum categories.


It’s all relative. You don’t need to ‘read a ton’ to know where the main threads are mapped

You need to read enough, yes.

I suspect we are discussing an unmeasurable quantity here because my idea of reading a ton is likely to be very different your idea of it.

Suffice to say I think if you have volunteers who know where some basic main threads are they can do the easy assignments and leave mods with the harder tasks.

Some thread merges are mundane for you but they are obvious; eg beta discussion about hero academy, rage quit thread, etc - surely those neednt be done by you?

I’m trying to think of a solution to reduce your daily workload

Feeling the need to thank y’all for your commitment to the group. I know it’s been said numerous times… just something that’s on my mind.

I can’t even begin to name people. So this just goes out to all those who have provided help and support along the way.


Those could definitely be done by someone else, but I’m not sure how that would work logistically. The permissions for being able to merge are all or nothing, it’s not like you could specify only particular threads for people.

I like the idea in theory, I’m just not sure how it would work, exactly.

You’re definitely in the right area.

Merging/handling duplicate threads is typically the most time consuming, since it’s so frequent.


Thank you for the feedback, definitely lots of good points made here. We do care for our volunteering moderators well-being and the role was always intended to be a fun and easy task. We’ll make sure to discuss this with our moderators and also internally here in the company.


I believe these settings are currently Discourse default (except the lounge), which can be found here:


Give trusted people and/or regulars moderator powers but come to a common understanding that they just focus on dupe threads. You can give them a different title. Clean up crew or something :joy::rofl:

There will be a teething or training period initially but this will make your life much easier I think

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Also, I wanted to point out that as with our in-game chat, please do not hesitate to flag any inappropriate posts (even if one user already did that). Multiple flags will help the system to recognize problematic posts/topics and further automatic action will be taken.


Hi Petri, thanks for responding.

As I said at the top, I really enjoyed being a mod and Zephyr1 has reiterated that.

I think the main takeaway from the discussion so far is that we’re all keen to look after our moderators and help out if possible.


I’m totally fine with the idea of Regulars (or a subset of Regulars) having more powers.

It was just the “people who don’t commit to reading frequently” that I was concerned about.

Continuously meeting the criteria for Regular status is sufficient in my mind to indicate someone is highly engaged on the Forum. That’s a solid starting point for selecting people to help with thread organization. Discourse clearly thought so too, since the retitling/moving portion of the moderator abilities automatically unlocks at TL3 (Regular).

It might be possible to grant merging rights to some people without having them become full moderators, or having access to flags. I’ll add it to the list of ideas that I’m making to give to @Petri.


This is where we’ll probably agree to disagree, I’m not sure the pool of regulars is large enough to find these thread mergers and I think there are others out there who could do a good job if asked to do some small parts.

When you told me the actual number of regulars on the forum that is when I put my problem solving hat on and realised the net had to be cast wider

There may be other people who’d be good choices too, but looking at the Regulars list, there are at least 14 people I’d be thrilled to discuss having merging capabilities.

That would be an astronomical increase from the current mix of me, Rook, and Kerridoc who are handling merges at the moment, so I think it would be enough — and probably too many, even.


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