How to get top place in rare events

I wanted to know from anyone that has scored top first place in rare events/quests how that is done? Like example: Would I use fast mana? Would I stack colors? What sorta fast mana 3* would I want specifically? I am aiming for the top below that It would serve no purpose for me since obviously the reward’s in top place are great!!

Stack the strong color with fast mana.
Hope for good boards and retry many times. You need big combos that wipe them out quick and then items to kill them quick without attacking.

That’s the going strategy.

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Step 1 is probably sweet-talk @Uclapack, @Dator, @Xero786 or @Wharflord into telling you where on YouTube their advice videos are hidden at.

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I made a video on the exact subject a few months ago. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Why I liked the matching of gems I find that very helpful to memorize that will take time.

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