How to get the new buildings

Just as the title says.

Anyone know?

Step 1 - Wait until they are released
Step 2 - We’ll find out when they are released what step 2 is.


If you’re asking about adding new buildings to your base, you get additional options as you upgrade your Stronghold.

These guides can help explain in detail:

If you’re asking about the new buildings like the Alchemy Lab that are planned for 2019, they haven’t been released yet.

@judyrudy just to clarify, which buildings are you referencing? I ask as a lower level player may be asking about the troop building, or how to expand your base. If you’re asking about the buildings announced for 2019, @pinkymadigan is correct - they haven’t been released yet.

EDIT - Or what @zephyr1 said :rofl:

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See Zephyr’s links.

Which buildings are you asking about? In the beginning, you are given four possible new buildings every few levels of your Stronghold.

Ultimately, every player ends up with exactly the same buildings. You cannot do it wrong.

Note: at Stronghold 10, you will be able to make a new building called a Barracks (which levels up your Troops) and which sits piggybacked on top of one of your existing lvl 5 buildings. So long as you have a free builder, you can convert this building on/off other buildings (farms, mines, forges, etc).


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