How to get the most out of E&P misfit heroes - Detailed write ups of Myztero, Zulag, Ares, Baldur, Noor, Rafaelle (others to be added)

These guys have all received a less than hospitable reception from the E&P community upon their release - from lukewarm to downright hostile. I have found them all to range form useful to great. So if you are debating ascending any of these heroes, or have already ascended one and not quite sure how to get the most of out of them - let’s discuss team configurations (some can only work well with specific other heroes) and strategies here. Or any that aren’t part of this list - let’s see if others are using them effectively.

  • Noor
  • Grimble
  • Zocc
  • Myztero
  • Malicna
  • C Elkanen, non costume Kadilen
  • Post-nerf Vela
  • Quintus/C Quintus
  • Musashi
  • Baldur
  • Raffaele (I have him at 3/70 but he has super potential)
    • Zulag
    • Ares
    • Jade
    • Fenrir
    • Aegir
    • Horghall w/o costume
    • Obakan with or w/o costume
    • Guardian Owl
    • Reuben
    • Leonidas w/o costume
    • Mok-Arr
    • Inari
    • Telluria (post nerf)
    • Yang Mai (already plenty of noise about how she is not very good)

I would love to hear if anyone is using Baldur effectively - I feel there is potential there but I won’t be able to get to him for quite a while.

Reuben and Shale I don’t really intend to try with as I think they don’t really have many (any?) redeeming features, but happy to be proven wrong (actually Shale has a very minor use case where he gets paired up with Noor and cleanses himself and Noor in order to counter Bera - but otherwise he is inferior to C Rigard in every way)

Let’s learn to make the most of what we have instead of feeling bad about it…


The impressions of using Baldur are the most positive. A stunning hero of attack and defense. But it fully reveals its abilities only after leveling up with emblems. If you pump the hero correctly, taking all the attack nodes, it turns out just a bomb! I can’t say a single bad word about this hero. Liked it immediately and no regrets after pumping.
Baldur charges, starts kicking, during this time, more mana is gained, and when the health drops to the size of the regular one, he is usually ready to kick again and continue for a long time. I usually always hold and do not activate Baldur’s ulta again until his health drops to the base.
Kicking, I’ll tell you, Baldur hurts. )))
I would say that Baldur is the best way to spend time usefully while waiting on the field for the stone to charge for the continuation of the battle of the attacking heroes.

With pleasure, I also use another heroine, who was strongly scolded. I’m talking about Noor. Yes, she is not a universal and very situational hero. But if you use it correctly, do not put it on the defensive and take it on the attack against the owners of minions, it significantly increases the survival rate of the team, and its birds, after pumping the emblems of attack and health, become very fat and angry.

Another hero that many people spoke very badly about, and I immediately said that I wanted such a hero - this is Zocc. Yes, it took me a little while to get used to using it, but it’s one of my favorite characters right now. I gave him the emblems without regret. Naturally, it is absolutely not designed for defense, but in attack, when I have Zocc with me, I am completely calm. Great blocker. Using Zocc on Titans is also fun.

And another hero I love is Raphael. A dispeller with thick armor and a good health reserve. I call Raphael the reanimator. And its slow speed doesn’t bother me at all. He is always ready to come to the aid of his comrades when it is necessary.

I don’t have any other heroes on your list, but I can say for sure that Grimble has become very relevant recently. In my alliance, all the guys who had a Grimble, not so long ago urgently pumped it and successfully used it in the wars with the minions.

Malikna… I’d like to have this girl. But she’s not coming to me yet. )))


I am now working on my C. Quintus. I got him a long time ago from the Costume Chamber, but I went to ascend and level Domitia first (I eventually got her costume as well and it’s fully leveled now, too). I am planning to use C. Quintus as my tank for rush attack wars (our alliance uses purple tanks for rush attack, and I am using C. Domitia as tank for now - they are my only 5* purple hero choices). But I am lacking trap tools now. Patiently waiting for the Morlovia rare quest to appear and get my guaranteed set of trap tools there. And I would still need four more trap tools for the costume side.


Thank you so much for this. I had a gut feeling that Baldur had potential, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I was thinking if nothing else he would be awesome in auto-farming (which is a very important part of my game, as I hate PVE very, very much). But in PVP I was thinking to put him in a position that requires high survivability, such as in a Skadi team after she has used her special and then the team just needs to survive until the end. It is very refreshing and informative to hear your take on him - hopefully I will have the mats to ascend him and try him out myself in the next couple of months.

What kind of damage roughly does your fully emblemed Baldur do per hit?

I have my Noor at +19. I have used her non-stop since she came out, and I never got the negativity around her. I think there are better minion counters - Skadi and Grimble - but she is still a staple of my war teams and gets quite a few raid runs too. She is awesome in PVE including challenge events.

If I had 6 of him I would ascend all of them so I could have one per war team. His ability to completely shut down a dangerous opponent is very useful in all types of team configs. And yes good against titans amazing against ninjas and against PVE bosses. At 8 emblems he becomes even better with a 9-tile charge.

Low on mats at the moment, but I can see myself asending him when that is not the case. Would be super useful in PVE and in any kind of rush format, and possibly an off-color hail-mary in raids

Absolutely. I liked him from the very beginning and got him up to 20 emblems, then stripped him naked, then emblemed him up all the way again so that he can charge at 9 tiles. Loving him with Malicna.

I have 3 of her - a personal best in terms of HOTM for me. Not quite sure what to do with #s 2 and 3 however

Thank you for the informative and positive post


I use Raf on a war team with MN-Buddy-Santa-Carol. My goal is to overwhelm the other team with defense down and chip away slowly. I’ve subbed other heroes like Leo on for Raf to help mana control and slow the other team down. But Raf is a great follow up to Mother North. Revive and then get your heroes at 50% health!

Vela is the only other hero you mention that I have. I still find a lot of use for her.


What’s wrong with Shale? People were moaning forever about the lack of red cleansers, now here is a 4* that with emblems has 5* stats. Not sure what’s not to like.

Wish I had his costume. Quintus+20 is my purple tank in Rush wars. I would gladly take the costume for stat bonus and his attack down would add some usefulness.

Wish I had him. His skill is so effective in Rush Attack I would prefer him over every other green sniper … even Kingston (and I love Kingston). He is basically a 5☆ Hansel and kind of mini-Alfrike. He’s roque so you only need talent node 8 to reach mana node…reducing requirement to mana troop lvl 5 in Rush.

Grimble transformed from misfit to an all-star player in the current Freya-Bera meta. I still can not even count how many fights I won because of him recently. He is good in Undead horde and Rush Attack. He is on my Undead Horde war defense…as I am lacking better options. He is sturdy. He works as off-color hero. He works charging Ninjas. He is in my best Rush Attack team 3-1-1 which is on 5:0 Oneshots.
Grimble is a good counter to Lotl. With his Cleric talent he might resist the mana cut of the swords and remove them right away.

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Please see my derisory review of Shale here.

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Baldur is suited for wings, even though he is average speed. He can be a beast there, a game winner, but requires careful planing.

DEFENSE (wings) :

Pros :

  • tiles are less available to dmg him on wing, making his boosted HP shield last longer and dish more dmg
  • Baldur really makes most out of buffs. thats why on wings, he cast later, when buffs are already present ( normal Boldtusk attack increase, Baldur uses for slash attack and also for his special each round!).
  • You can field blue tank which attracts green enemy heroes, which brings weak tiles for Baldurs

Cons :

  • slow to cast with average speed for wing heroes (usually fast or very fast)

Defense team build around Baldur(s):

MOST important buffs for Baldur :

  • attack buff
  • defense down buff
  • mana gen increase/ mana gain

important buffs :

  • shared dmg/ enemy shared dmg
  • other HP boosters
  • defense up
  • minions
  • healing increase

Example of succesfful Baldur(s) team ( I think best) :

Baldur - Frigg - Krampus - Odin - Baldur

BEAT ME :stuck_out_tongue:

CRigard is indeed a superb hero and I wouldn’t be without him… But its not a like-for-like comparison as a purple cleanser is not a red cleanser. I’ve stuck Shale to +19 and very happy to essentially have a cheaper 2nd Zimkitty for war bench/event/tourneys…

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Now that is stretching charity to extremes :grin:

I’m more than happy to cheer for less glamorous heroes, but this guy does half a job and takes all day to do it.

There are so many great, accessible wizards that I can’t countenance wasting a single node on this Terminally Mundane Ninja Turkey.


I think I discussed with you that maybe Grimble come out too soon as a HOTM. Nowadays, he plays a big role in my team against the amount of minion makers, even if they 're the same colour (Freya and Bera). That extra turn that you can get just destroying the minions is really useful.

I also think that he has a big potential. I faced him in some rush wars and took me to desperation. I’d choose him rather than normal Vivica. The “problem” is that I have Ariel, so he isn’t my immediate blue project right now.

This may be a classic example of “your mileage may vary” :face_with_monocle:

Anyway, to solve the issue once and for all, I asked Sherlock Holmes for his views regarding Shale. His reply? “Sedimentary, my dear Watson”


I love Grimble! Especially due to my purple heroes being mostly average to very slow mana. I was hesitant about ascending him at first, but that quickly went away with more and more minion generating heroes being released. In wars, I search out teams that produce extra minions, such as Telly flanked by Freya. Grimble always gets my L23 mana troop so he can charge ASAP. On my team, he is a battery that powers Alfrike.


I’m going to need a thumbs down button to press here… :slight_smile:

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If that hurt, check out Vivica, Elena, Joon and Khagan walk into a bar...the Awful Jokes thread - #105 by JonahTheBard

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I see what you did there.


He is the bard of the forum after all :wink:. :turtle:

I love my Grimble, and he does his minion destroying job well, although I still need to give him more emblems to make him less squishy.

Still on my normal defense team, until I pull a better hero. She still works OK, but the maxed emblems help, I’m sure.

I don’t have any of the other heros listed except in closing, I’d mention…

My alliance is split on her. Me, I’m neutral - staying out of the fire completely!


From this group of heros I maxed Grimble and Zocc so far. I was a guy asking openly here in the forum how people are fighting Bera tanks not long ago… Now I have Grimble (and Gormek’s costume) and I have my own very successful solutions to Bera and co. That’s how good he is. Zoc has always been good to me, and he’s finally getting few emblems as well. My Noor is 3-40ish and she will get next 6 rings. I want to use her, even though I have more lovable heros waiting for the rings.

May I add another hero to the list, which requires special conditions to shine (hence is not universally loved) - Norns?

She will be my top priority soon, would be great to hear how people get the best of her. :slight_smile:

I can only comment on the two I have (although my Quintus +13 keeps desperately hoping for a costume :crossed_fingers:). I am F2P and so a lot of these are compared to vanillas.


He is currently stuck at 3:70. Unfortunately for him my last set of scopes went to Glenda, which I do not regret. He is next over Thorne and I am excited for him. He is my sole 5* healer, although my c-Melendor +20 is basically a 5*. Love me some fake Gandalf.

As a F2P, cleansers are tough to come by. Dispel is relatively common. If Glenda didn’t cleanse Raff would have gotten the scopes instead.

His heal is massive and so are his HP and D stats. He is the closest you can get to overheal without overhealing in the game. Overhealers are not easy to get. I have fought him in raids when he is emblemed as well and if you don’t stack green killing him with neutral colors, or worse yet weak, is a pain. If you launch your specials, don’t kill him, and he fires his special you’re back to square one because you burned your specials and his 50% heal to a massive HP stat is maddening. That’s not factoring subsequent healing to living allies. Half the time his massive HoT is larger than the tile damage you can cause in a move so the tides of battle can turn quickly.

I am most excited to use him in PvE. Until I got Gullinbursti (overheal is game changing) my best healer was c-Melendor, who is a beast. Raff is better than Melendor even if he doesn’t boost D. Some people say Raff needs revive too, but he would be OP then IMO. Stacked with his heal he would revive and have a hero at full health in no time. :crazy_face:

Big fan even at 3:70 and can’t wait for 5 more scopes. I am “almost” done with S3 normal (Province 31), but am back at province 10 hard. I foresee Raff playing a bit part in S3 hard for me.

Plus, all the A drops in the world won’t help you with his immunity. You need to keep taking that punishment :laughing:.


I haven’t started leveling her, but she is next and going to max. My big question will be if I reset my Elkanen +16. I have time to decide.

Her mana boost is great. Her base special damage is solid too. I get not liking the variable options, but I used Danzaburo for a while so I don’t mind it. Plus, all her are beneficial. Danzaburo has that third neutral option of nothing happening. I only count bad as damage to your own hero or team.

I would still combine her on a team with Tibs. If you get option 1, hold fire on Tibs. This prolongs how long the enemy D is down as a “worst case” by firing him right after. If you get the A drop, Tibs stacks. If you get the lesser D drop then Tibs overrides. You also increase Tibs override damage because their D is slightly dropped already.

All in all a very solid hero I think :+1:. Very happy to have pulled her.

Good luck out there!



I agree with everything you said apart from you not hating Danza. I hated him worse than Wu on a bad day when I used to use him on my yellow stack. I agree with you in regards to the different permutations - Danaza had one powerful special, one decent one and one which was worse than useless it actually set you back. Malinca on the other hand has 3 positive outcomes inclusive of a pretty decent hit and a good elemental link. At worst she gives a minor debuff - which as I wrote elsewhere also happens to equate to an attack or defense buff dispell. And the minor attack down is still telling vs powerful snipers as it can mean the difference between life and death.

The elemental link is good and particularly vs small mana cutting heroes such as Freya and Bera on death.

I also use Tiburkiss with her in exactly the same way except at times I fire him straight after her OP special - if this leads to an enemy hero down. The three of Grimble, Tibs and Malicna work very well together.

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