How to get out of alli wars?

We are a smaller alliance playing the game for fun. We are not well balanced for wars (little players are easy target so we lose easy). Is there any way that the leader can decide if the alle participate or not in the war?

No. It’s being debated in several threads. Maybe the possibility will be implemented in the future. In the meantime, just pick up the free rewards twice a week.


Just ignore the tab and notifications and do nothing. Like magic, twice a week you will receive rewards for losing wars that you barely even knew were happening.

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I moved this to the ‘Feature Requests’ category.

Hopefully the devs listen, there have been many requests of opting out of war.


Actually, you have to atta k at least once to get rewards

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I did not know that. Scratch my comment about free loot.

Still easy and pretty much free with just one atta especially if you don’t care about winning or scoring

Just a bump because we have 3 or 4 of my alliance that are dragging on us by setting teams and not attacking, while they get killed off 3 times per war because they are lower levels. They hit titans, speak a foreign language, etc. so I kind of fell SOL :slight_smile:

Yeah still stresses me and who likes to see twice a week that his alliance has lost

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I think that might be more of an issue with you than an issue with the game. It’s just a phone. When it tells you that you’ve lost, you haven’t really lost anything. Ignore it.

Yes it s my issue and i want it solved in my phone game. Lol

Dont tell me to ignore it, that s.not possible

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