How to get less cups? Suggestions? want to go from 2135 to 17-1800

At the moment i’m at 2135 cups and only get around 4.000 strong teams.

My max strenght at the moment is 3430. So i’d like to be back at 1.800 around. Top 20.000 is nice, but not if you’re not equiped for the raids :smiley:
So please some advice about leveling down.

Having a defence team of 2.000 (i think i can manage that) would that help? I really don’t like loosing deliberately.

Having been raided 3x and gaining 106 cups doesn’t help too :slight_smile:

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  • Lose attacks: better if you have already done your chest
  • Lose defenses: put a weak team on defense for a while
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Well, if you do have to do the chest, you can always just kill off 4 heroes and then flee the battle to drop the cups

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I wouldn’t deliberately lose an attack since I like to speed up chests and mainly the raid chest.

I got less attacks with an obvious cup dropper team so I went with a team between 2800-3000 cups and used worse troops and a bad mid. You may lose down to 1600-1700 cups even but 6 wins will be plenty to reach the 1800 limit.

Getting worse… 2175 now :smiley:

I selected a 3star team. It has a 2100 strength. Now hoping for some easy raiders. They will get enough cups for their win :smiley:

I usually get raided quite a bit. The normal team I run is a team of 4/70 heroes: Caedmon, Boldtusk, Kashhrek, Kiril, Li Xiu. My watchtower is at level 18 and I usually stabilize at around 1900 cups without doing any raid attacks. I consider this defense team fairly strong for a team of 4* heroes. So I would say I am at the point where cup dropping teams are crushing me for my wt ham and it is balanced out by other regular raiders with no strong 5* characters who struggle against the team. Hope that helps.

In addition to a weak team, leave your watchtower full. And level it to at least 11 to make it a good target for ham/iron hunters.

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Weak team seems to be enough. Now having it again at 3.300. And i got back to 1750. Enough for me to just keep busy AND have fun :smiley:

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I no where near as big as you but I 2 need a cup drop & like raffles said U can hit someone and only take four heroles down but I could not take down any of the heros the team I was match up with she was to so I open the attack & without doing anything I hit the flee button I did 6 time giving some 40 cup and all I lost was flags and cups just another idea!


Use Team 5 to make a (1) 1* defense team. You will get raided, as long as your watchtower has resources. Then you can use your main team to regain trophies, should you so choose.
My history looks like a sine curve

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