How to get it :)

Maybe there is a way to hit this hero. I will be grateful for any advice or idea to get it.

Ares was the August ‘17 HotM. He’s already appeared twice as a featured hero in the Atlantis summon, so I doubt he’ll appear again any time soon.


Wait for Atlantis summon and pray

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I got him in the last Atlantis summons. Not long until the next one opens up

Any idea to hit it? How to draw a lot to get him?

You’ll have to wait until he appears in the Atlantis summon gate again, and get very very lucky (or spend a ton)

I spent a lot of money in that last Atlantis summons. But i was trying to get someone else. And money is just part of the equation.

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To make sure you will get Ares you need a window of pulling him in Atlantis portal … and you need to buy gems with 10.000$
Cause it will be on Zynga’s era of running E&P … no more kindful offers of SG.
Be ready and enjoy spending your money on pulls.
With Zynga you will have fun … I promiss :smiling_imp:

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For how much of $ 10,000 seriously? That’s how much you have to spend

Not the exact how much … jyst to make sure you beat the RNG
(Random Number Generator)
You may spend 10$ and get it though and may spend 9k and still not.
Safe zone is 10k hahahahahaha

I am weakened by one most of them get from draws after a few heroes of the month and I can not get one for a few months. I do not understand what I’m doing wrong.