How to get good cards?

It is very hard to get good cards … tried all wys

Chance but all my trials to summon on five stars generated me 3 stars card. But after a few 4 stars summoning generated me 4 stars hero. Well when i started to play the game mostly to summon was generating me the same colour card but later this changed and color is randomized.
I got all my 4 star heros when i fully leveled up 3star heros in my team and summon on elemental gate.

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This is capitalism dude, guess what? :face_with_monocle:

Everyone will have different answers; what works for them.

My best card came from luck (free epic summon coin), and the rest of my great cards came from persevering at the TC13 and TC20 (Training Camps).

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It’s not hard at all to get a good card, it’s just rare to get one, and grabs are limited. So getting some takes a long, long time.

And you start off with the poorest odds, just having to rely on whatever summoning coins you may be lucky enough to obtain. Least number of grabs, and not the most advanced grabs.

But it gets better as you progress. Once you’ve gained access to training camp lvl 13 and start using it for elite training you’ll see a slow trickle of 4* heroes come in. The first one I got was Wu Kong, would you believe such luck?

And a lot later, because it takes a lot longer to build, once you’ve gained access to training camp lvl 20 and start using it for legendary training you’ll see an even slower trickle of 5* heroes come in. I’ve gotten 2 this far, Leonidas and Justice. And a 8 4 star heroes, which is cool because it allows you to optimize your “main team”.

It’s all about the long haul. It’s only hard to get good cards if you’re impatient.

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To summarize the good answers above, there are two routes to good cards:

  • Patience, to keep grinding levels, cashing in the occasional epic hero token, eventually grinding at TC13 then TC20; or
  • Cash. Buy gems, do lots of elemental or event summons.

Either route is shortened by good luck.

Starting out, “good luck” means getting top-tier 4* heroes. Sure, eventually you’ll covet those 5* heroes, but—trust me on this—you’re much better off early on getting a good 4* team assembled, then salting in the 5* as you can ascend them. 5* heroes take an incredible amount of hams and feeders, plus gobs of super-rare ascension materials. You’ll have access to those as you progress, but not starting out.