How to get developers to listen to us


I have read many posts on here from players legitimately complaining about the poor rewards from the game especially the drop rates of heroes when using overpriced gems. The developers are obviously greedy and are not listening. I saw a video about season 2 heroes which had a different type of summons which cost 400 gems per pull. The person did a 30x pull and got no 5*'s for a 100 dollars worth of gems. I know there’ll be community members (staff???) who’ll defend the developers but it’s obvious with this season 2 update the game will get only worse in terms of rewards for hard earned money spent.
I think the only way of getting them to listen is hitting them in the pocket. I’m sick of spending 33 euro on 3000 gems (why’s it so much dearer in Europe?) and getting nothing but crud so I’m not doing it anymore and if all of us who are unhappy don’t spend anymore then they’ll have to listen and up the drop rates of heroes. This will be very important when season 2 starts ss they’ll be expecting a big spike in income so let’s not give it to them. I wouldn’t mind spending some money if I got something in return but it has been six 10x pulls since I’ve gotten a good hero so that’s it, no more money from me.


As long as enough people spend money there is no need to listen to us. Why should they, if it meant to earn less money. They are even criminal and stealing heroes and items used for this heroes from players and nobody can do anything (no, there is no other description for those technical problems that feed heroes you have not selected to other heroes and the only thing you get back is a “Sorry, our mistake, here you have a coin, but we don’t give you your 7 leveled 4 and 5* heroes back”. Oh wait … there is another description … fraud).


It’s all about the Benjamins.