How to get big harpoon

I get level 21 stronghold, and converted a training camp into hunter lodge. Well, now: the search for starting create big harpoon requires 2771 k, the capacity of my 4 food depo level 20 reaches only 2766 k, so what?!?!?
It’s impossible to convert another building into food storage, it’s impossible to use the hunter lodge for search and create big harpoon… how can i solve this problem? Thanks for answer


By converting one of your food storages to an advanced food storage


@Garanwyn can you post this as solved?

G is right … even I had issues but realized I needed to upgraded food storage first , then it’s easy sailing. :meat_on_bone:


Sure. I usually don’t tag my own answers as solutions, but I’m happy to :slight_smile:


I had same frustrating issue.

There’s no issue at all. Just convert one of your food storages to advanced one. Assuming all are lvl 20, you’ll have enough food capacity then.


The fundamental part of upgrading the buildings and research is to ALWAYS prioritize storages.

Maybe some of the players have been stuck in at SH20 for so long that they have forgotten where to start. :rofl:

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