How to get better some choices to make

My base team is Zeline Delilah Gravemaker Sartana and Magni.

Got 4 stars maxed Merlin Gormeck Boldtusk Caedmon Sonya Wu Kong Colen Rigard and Guardian Jackal.

The choices are which 5 star…

Blue: King Arthur, Alasie, Misandra (the new one), Richard
Yellow: Bruce Lee, Vivica, Rana
Purple: Panther, Aeron, Domitia, Obakan, Quintus… That’s no question. Panther
Red: Azlar, Marjana, Elena, another Graveyard,
Green: Greg, Lianna, Horghall (just got him)

My main course is raids, titans and wars :smiley:
Delilah and Gravemaker could be tanks, Azlar would be a better tank, Richard maybe too?

I’m doubting which of the three Alasie, Magni and Misandra would be best…

Plenty of choices, enough heroes to bring to 2-60 for war, but i’d like to have more choises in 5* team.