How to get already 105+ barbarian talent emblems?

One of my opponents had a 4* hero (Grimm) on talents level five. So he must have already more than 105 emblems earned of the barbarian class. I only missed the third step of one trial but only have 50 or 60 emblems per class. So how is it possible, that one player has already more than 105 barbarian class emblems ? Do you other players (pay for play) also have more than 100 emblems per class ?

Rare titan loot and Rare Elemental monster mission chest.

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That person got lucky on some loot chests. Mine are evenly distributed like yours but that doesn’t mean everyone will be

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It is definitely possible… when you get lucky with elemental chests, war chests, titan chests, rera titans etc. Personaly I have 95 fighter emblems… but no Delilah, Magni or Misandra…

My boril is at level 6, I got 50 from elemental and 30 from war chest


skip chests with gems; use we flasks; and get faster elemental chests.

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Luck ! Ihave got 50 emblems in a war chest !

20 from the initial launch + 5 from the glitch + 18 from Trial of Strength + 18 from Trial of Survival

That’s 61 barbarian emblems that everyone has been given already so its only one good loot from war chest / element chest / rare titan in 3½ weeks needed to be over 105.

I just got 50 from a war chest, Grimm is at 6 and only needs 5 more for 7. Obviously the luck here means I haven’t got many ranger or paladin emblems from drops, so it kind of evens out.

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This is probably what it comes down to. If I were Rich Uncle Moneybags, I’d be dropping money on WE flasks and gems to cycle mission chests as quickly as possible to unlock the new hotness.

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I’m one short but it’s possible to have that many

I had a red chest give me 30 - and I don’t have any barbarian fully levelled yet


thanks for your answers, i realized, that skipping chests with gems is limited by a timer. But i will try…

I got 50 from a war chest :grinning:

I have 132 Barbarian Emblems, but I don’t have any maxed hero to feed them.

5 emblems away from level 5 for me. I’d like to say that I got big chucks, but honestly the come 5 or so at a time from regular chests. For some reasons it’s always monk.

You do realize that no one above roughly 3700 power is the least bit afraid of boril at any level?

No chests skipped but I did get a nature chest yesterday that gave me 30 or 40 Paladin emblems. Also, no VIP pass that gives you an emblem (1 I believe?) every 24 hours.

Mine have all been collected from MV, chests, titans and war loots.

Ignore the 0 Wizard emblems. Sartana just ate today :rofl:


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Its working for me and keeping me up above the 2.5k range and havent dropped

Almost to 4

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