How to get 4+ star Titans

Is there any strategy or is it just random chance that Titans with higher than 4* appear in the Titan battles? I’ve seen other discussions with pictures of 8* or 9* Titans, but have yet to draw one. I’ve been playing this game for several months, and have yet to fight a Titan with more than 4*s. Do I need to have a stronger alliance, or are the Titans just randomly selected to fight?

I ask this because I’ve noticed the more stars on a Titan, the better the rewards. Currently I am 3566 power and am usually the highest score in the Titan battles, and for the last several months have been getting no ascension materials other than the usual repeat items. I am by far the highest power lineup in my alliance, but would like to hit bigger and better Titans for better rewards.

Any thoughts or advice, please share. Thank you.

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There is a bit of randomness, but for the most part you’ll have to kill about 3 4s in a row to get a 5. If you let a titan go, you’ll usually fall back a star. I am using “for the most part” and “usually”, because we sometimes get a 12* after killing just 1 11*, or we let an 11* go and get another 11*. But mostly if we let a 12* go, the next will be an 11* and if we kill 3 11s, we’ll get a 12. (This also was the case when we were on 8*s a while back, just using the 11s as an example because we are on those).

The faster you kill a titan, the more likely the next one is to be higher star.

To get more powerful titans you have to kill titans :slight_smile: i.e. If you kill a few 3* in a row you will get 4*. Kill a few 4* in a row you get 5* etc. It is a semi random system, so there is no exact formula, but what I just said is true.

If you’re really stagnating on titans for awhile and your alliance is growing wih you, it’s time for a new alliance.

P.S. We have one place available in an 8/9* alliance :wink:

I would love to be in there. My alliance is pretty weak and only a few (out of the 30) actually participate in anything.

“A Few Good Heroes” it is open to join :slight_smile:

Doppelgänger has a spot open fighting a nine star Titan

DBC, I will join as soon as my war ends or as soon as I get my war chest. I am currently at 23 / 25. Hopefully if I win the next war, I will jump on over there. I just don’t want to lose my war points, otherwise I’d join right now. I have a very solid lineup with a bunch of 5*s.

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You sound like you would fit in very well with us :slight_smile: We are an established team who all pitch in and enjoy working together :slight_smile:

Good luck finishing those war points!

If the other guys fill up you are welcome to “Ice Cream Party”

Good luck on your travels. Sure sounds like t is time for you to move on.

Getting a higher level of titan is matter of alliance performance, not luck. If you consistently kill 4s without escape, then you’ll get a 5.

Please be aware that even if higher level titan loot gives more slots or ascension materials, there is no guarantee for good loot - I’m talking from experience based on a lot of tier 12 loot and good amount of sharpening stones and practice swords.

The Slayers Guild, has an opening, and this is our current titan.

As soon as I am done with this war and get my war chest points, I will look at a stronger alliance. Getting really irritated with the constant 2* & 3* Titans.

I just looked up your alliance. It looks like many of the members have been inactive for 100+ days. That is definitely a sign that you should switch alliances.
If you want, you can check out Mindflayer after your war. We are currently fighting 9* and 10* Titans and have 2 spots available.

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I think it depends on the strength of your team and how long it takes to kill titans

I suggest perusing the #alliance-recruitment section of the forum. Many alliances would love to have an active player on their team. Find a posting that interests you the most and either reply on that thread or request to join them in game.

You can also check out the alliance recruitment chat in the game as well. There are a lot of ads looking for new blood there. You can find it by:

  1. Going to the global chat
  2. Tapping on the gear icon
  3. Tap on Chat Room
  4. Select Alliance Recruitment
  5. Tap ‘OK’

If you ask around, there are also LINE groups dedicated for recruiting. There are a lot of alliances out there, so find one that brings you the most joy :). Good luck, and happy titan hunting!


I found an alliance that gets very strong titans and has everyone participating in wars. Thank you.

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