How to get 4* out 5* heroes

I have been playing for 2 months or so and today I get Bultadusk like finalyyyyyyyu​:smile::smile::smile: , well the higher the better good luck

Congrats and best of luck.

I agree with you I had the same problem, I think if you are paying with actual cash you should not then be stuck with 3 star hero’s it’s a rip off

You never collect stickers, don’t you?

Pfff, youngsters.


I have dumped about $1000 into this game and have 3 5* hero’s. Stuck at 2\60. Assecion items are way to hard to come by. When they are offered for sale it seems to be kind of a rip off for 9750 gems or basically $100. They want you to spend $100 why not let you pick your hero? Or at least a for sure 5* hero. Trading between players would be great. It should happen I have so many of things I don’t need any more would be nice to trade for other stuff hero’s accession items ( since they are practically impossible to drop after the last update. We earned them we should be able to do what we want with them. Even if you can only trade within your own alliance.

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When fighting titans it is best to double up on the color. so if titan is yellow. Double upon purple. And vise versa. Red double on blue. Blue double on green. Green double on red. Better scores.

There are so many great posts in this forum that could help you. :slight_smile:

In a nutshell.
Try to establish a rainbow ( 5 color ) team with fully ascended 3* heroes. If you have 4* you can level them to 3/60 which makes them already better than fully leveled 3* and include them in the team.

Learn how the heroes work before you ascend a 4* or 5* hero.

Get your stronghold to lvl 13 and then your trainingcamp(s) too to train 3* heroes with achance for 4* heroes.
Use TC 11 as feeder camp.

Get your stronghold to lvl. 20 and start training heroes in TC 20. Gives chance for 5* heroes.


Good luck. :smile:

How long does it generally take to get a 4 star hero other than chao? Been playing(without paying) for 4 months. Grind every day, wait and take the time. Have 6 fully leveled 3 star heroes. One chao but don’t have enough orbs of magic(which never come along even in quests) to get him leveled up fully. Built my map, I’m still not at level 20 training camp, Almost there, but watching other people with 6 star heroes makes me want to just delete the game. It’s not fun anymore

And also, when you play on some levels in the map or even raid, you can match colors for days and it just never gives you the luck to get any consecutive combo. Thus, you lose , and have to wait to get your world energy back. Just a time consuming trap to make you pay money if you fall for it. Make me stay with it please

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