How to get 4* out 5* heroes

So I paid 6 times 300 gemmes and tried level 13 training for a month and get only 3* heroes so I have tonnes of them like 3 banes and 4. Balthazar and 4 belith and others but most points I get is 2419 and still silver league … I seriously loose interest in the game . It’s pointless since a month already


The best way to get 4* and 5* heroes is time. This game generally give payouts over months, not weeks or days unless you drop large amounts of money. It took me 5 months to get to TC20, but it has now given me 2 5* s and 5 4* s out of 25 draws (50 days). If you’re willing to put in the time and grind every day, then the game will give you good stuff eventually. Otherwise you might prefer a game with a shorter reward cycle.


Gianna, it is either paying and crossing your fingets for luck, or grinding every day.

I opted to pay, and have been very lucky. I know just how lucky by reading all of the posts from players like you who have little to show for the expense.

My your choice. Your luck may change, and if it does it may change back.

I am now grinding to level my roster, but I am steps ahead of those who do not pay - as are you.

Remember, those not paying started with less game assets than you.

Also training 3x TC20 got until today 1 5*. Bit today i got 2 5* with training. Must be their birthday

Lucky you! But I didn’t get to level 20 yet still 17 today for example I got 3 prisca and in total I have 6 , should I put them in sale or what? I’m really liking the idea of trading more and more

In my opinion you’re both wrong. I invested quite some cash trying to get the Hero of the Month but I did not get it. I feel it is like my odds went down when I started pooring money into this game.

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Also spended some money, received 2x 5* and the hero of the month. Have 7 5* heroes now. But my girlfriend doesnt have this luck either. Trading between players looks very interesting indeed

I know it takes a long time to upgrade to TC20. Also it can take a long time to receive 5* heroes. Ratio between 5/4* and 3* is very low. But i know they are there :slight_smile:

You misunderstood the degree to which I meant a large amount of money.

I am appreciative of what I do get each troop or hero you get is something that can help you in leveling your hero’s and troops. You need to hang in there this is a great game and I believe the odds come and go as for each and every other player. Keep plunging ahead day by day.

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Well, a large amount is somewhat vague. What some consider ‘a large amount’ might be peanuts for others.
With my current ‘luck’ in this game I feel I could spend the entire gross national product of a medium sized country and still not get the Hero of the Month. :disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately Heroes of the Month also come and go. So far, without a chance to ever get them again.

Many say that best way to get 4* and 5* heroes is time. I have to say that it’s not completely true. I have played this game couple of weeks now and i have managed to summon two Little Johns, Sonya, two Boldtusks and Rigard. And as you know, they’re all four star heroes :slight_smile:

How did i do that? Well i bought this special offer which included 3000 gems and epic hero summoning token and some ascension resources. I did 1 summoning with token and 10 summons for price of 2600gems and voilà, many nice heroes came to light my day :smile:

And now i have only Bane who’s 3 star hero. He’s badass but i’m planning to make some summoning when there are holy forces in elemental summoning.

And oh… i also managed to summon Squire Wabbit :smiley: he’s one tough little bugger lol…

I feel your pain the game Dev made a game with little to few tips & tricks but from I do know WHarford is more or less right you think it is unfair but I will tell this I had restart the game three time and I am smaller than you and I will buy any gems for this nor do plan on trying to get the freek gems because I need that works without playing Clash of Clans because that you should buy gems to keep ahead of most players like me or work even harder than you would do here! I was upset when I use my hard to get gems thinking I could get a 5 star hero only to find I was lucky to get what I came down I do not plan on giving up on this game I would keep playing and you will your 5 star hero in time good luck my friend!

I’m new to the game (2 weeks)and have a lot to learn. I level up Deliah into Hu Tao bcus Tao seemed so much stronger and I read you should not have 2 of the same color. Anyway I can get her back?

If you fed her already then she’s gone :frowning: . As a rule of thumb never throw away your last copy of 4* or 5* heroes, or even duplicates that you might want to level.


Thanks, I was afraid of that. Where can I go to read up on what i should be doing? Any recommendations on alliances?

Well Tao I s cooler than Delilah but f watch up for your heroes you could have used her in wars because every hero is used once

Thanks. How long have you been playing this game? How high should I level up my outpost? I hate that I gave up a 5* hero. I have learned how hard they are to come by. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day…

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