How to get 4/5* Heroes?

I have a team of maxed out 3* heroes and I am wondering how I can get 4/5* heroes. I am building L16 stronghold.

Training camps 20 for 3-5 . 13 i think is 3-4


Or you can try “Epic Summons” or “Elemental Summons”


Personally, I generate most my high level heroes in camps, as Talisax mentioned. But when I’ve collected enough gems I go for the elemental summons. I like that I can choose the colour so that I can aim for a replacement for the weakest link in my team.

Keep grinding and filling your chests though. You never know when you’ll hit the jackpot with a rare wanted chest (purple chest) maybe get some bonus tokens!!


Is a purple chest generally better than the others? Had one and did get a epic hero and epic troop token right out the gate pretty much, since then most non-purple have 3x summoning token… though did get 2 4* ascension drops tonight in an blue chest so ain’t complain’.


Yes the rare wanted mission, 150 enemies wanted, usually give better rewards than regular ones.


My question was Purple vs Fire/Ice/etc and if there was any difference between them; I’ve heard people reference the purple one explicitly such as here, when I haven’t seen a difference between that and the other rare wanted ones but that could just be RNG.


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When people reference purple chest they don’t mean dark, they mean the rare wanted chest
This should be obvious as ypu indicated getting tokens from it. You don’t get tokens from summons


That’s the source of my confusion, thank you!


I dont think there is any difference between the colors reward wise. But only devs know for sure.

If someone got better from one color than the other it is most likely just different random outcome from the same odds.


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Please tell me how you can choose the color for the elemental summons??

The available colours for elemental summons cycle, so you need to wait until the colour you want is available.

Is it the same for epic troops, too? The colors cycle?

The troops are random. Only the elemental heroes are a specific colour.
Though it would be nice to be able to choose troop colour, whether for leveling fodder or to try to get a 4* i a colour you lack.

do I choose warrior ? after I get 300 diamonds?

Hello and welcome to forum, you can not choose which hero you want to get, after you get 300 diamonds, you can draw from Epic Hero Summon / Elemental Summon / Event Summon / Seasonal Summon and the probality is applied as random from *3 to *5 heroes, you can see the Help question mark at the top-left.

And there are also Atlantis Summon (monthly) which is cost 350 diamond, has better heroes and also has bonus chest unfarmable materials.

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