How to Fix E&P

E&P has gotten out of hand. The balance thread has people talking about nerfing 2-year-old heroes, calling lawyers, and quitting.

I see only one way forward. Please consider my totally serious idea below:

  • Everyone should get the same 75 heroes.
  • 25 Rare, 25 Epic, 25 Legendary
  • 5 of each Element
  • Each group of 5 heroes is identical in every way, shape, and form outside of the element and a 25% boost in stats from rare to epic and epic to legendary
  • Every player receives these heroes the moment you download the game
  • All heroes come pre-leveled and fully stacked with emblems

There. The game is fixed. No more “sads” about not having a hero. No more “it’s not fair”. No more you’re just P2W. No more the game is rigged. No more AM worries.

And most importantly, no more strategy.


No more money for sgg :thinking:
This place has been bad I’m sick of the same bs thread of said hero.
Fed up of people not getting said hero’s.
It used to be fun.

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So, basically a traditional console game?
(no snark intended)


you could just play pc or console games dude

I placed this in community content. It is meant to be extremely sarcastic.

also @CoreyOfTheIsland


ah yes, of course


@Disposable having searched giphy frequently and knowing the high standards of meme-dom you so excellently provide I am disappointed you used the first gif that pops up when searching “over my head”

@Cvs you forgot to include the p2w strategy (that secretly everyone knows exists but can’t talk about like fight club)


How could I have forgotten!



I would like to state my firm intent that, if this set of suggestions is implemented, I will still whine about getting different troops, worse draws in raid, tournament, and war, less favorable starting boards / tile replacement, and different size sausages.

Please fix these before I can take your suggestion seriously.


Weirdly / hilariously, my reply required approval. Does anyone want to speculate what word or words I used to trigger the delay?


You got @JonahTheBard too excited :laughing:


Also, this was an A++ reply.


@IvyTheTerrible usually has A++ replies…

Meanwhile…I don’t think the same can be said for me…I need the post validation


I’ll be honest with you, I chose a different one first because I kinda thought this was a little unnecessry.

But then I realized that most of my memes are smartaas takes and snarky commentary so who am I to judge, so I changed it to just give a friendly response and move on. It’s 1:00 in the afternoon on a work day, after all. I already gave up on the balancing thread and that’s worked out pretty well so far :wink:


the Swanson gif would have been clutch.

it could have been your swan song


I want to thank you for this totally serious thread!!! :rofl:


Hey now. I happen to enjoy PC and console games.

But I also enjoy E&P and I’ve gotten used to not having the best heroes.

Also gotten used to seeing threads about people quitting because the newest hero is too good.

And now we have the threads of people quitting because they think their newest toy is probably getting nerfed.

“Calling lawyers”? Absolutely ridiculous. Read the ToS that you agreed to when you started the game.
Here, lemme shorten it for you: “you don’t own nuthin’, you ain’t guaranteed anything, no matter how much money you spent, all your base are belong to us (SG). Full stop.”

Now, do I wish the odds were better for pulling stuffs? Yes. Do I wish I had a chance to get fancy heroes outside of the “better spend $1000 now or else this hero will be gone FOREVERRRRRRRR” window? Yes. Do I wish a lot of stuff was different - overall less spendy spendy, more grindy grindy? Yes. And imma continue to voice my bullcrap opinions on the matter until they can find a roll of duct tape thick enough to keep my mouth shut.

But blah blah blah… I’ll cut this post off and just conclude by saying “yes, game caters to bigger spenders, but that’s okay as long as you realize that don’t let it bother you that you don’t have all the best heroes”.

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I was thinking these too. Lol.


Well, since my comment is now awaiting moderation it’s likely one or both of those.

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Wasn’t there a British sitcom called “Days of Whine and Sausages”?

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