How to Fix AW Mismatches


Once again our alliance is severely outgunned in the next war. It is discouraging to see your opponent and know you’re gonna lose. Here’s 2 simple steps to get competitive matchups…

  1. Base matchups only on top 5 heroes of each player. Reasoning: AW are primarily a defensive thing. The top 5 heroes that a player has will be fighting over and over on defense. The defenders are also supported by arrows, healing, etc. So, since AW are primarily defensive, let the defenders be the decisive factor in match making.

When matchups are announced, I immediately go count the number of defending teams on the other alliance with team power greater than 3,000. I compare this to how many players in our alliance have a team with power over 3,000. I have a 100% success rate in predicting the winner of the war based on this one factor alone.

  1. Make a certain team power worth a set number of points instead of relative to the other players on the team. My team with power 3,431 is usually worth 81 points if I am defeated. I discovered in the last war that players on the opposing alliance with very similar team power were worth up to 10 points less than me if I killed them. You have absolutely crippled the weaker team in the matchups by allowing points to be relative within each alliance rather than a set amount based on power of team.

Thanks for considering these things!