How To Fit Isarnia in?

I got my first legendary yesterday, Isarnia :smile:. I’m very excited about her. However, I can’t figure out how to fit her in. Both of my red 4 stars already reduce defence, and she seems kind of squishy. Here’s what I have. I’m looking for some ideas on how to put together teams with her:

Sonya, Boril (unlevelled), Isarnia (unlevelled)
Caedmon x2 (one levelled), Kashhrek
Li Xiu, Chao x2 (one levelled), Danzaburo (unlevelled)
Gormek, Wilbur

I’m not quite sure what to do with her. Any thoughts on team composition or priorities?

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She’s a worthy 5* and worth the scopes.

Her tile damage is almost 800 and, being blue, it’s not a bad thing to have an AOE with -44% def.

Wilbur doesn’t QUITE make her obsolete, but he is a game-changer for sure. He makes Gormek a lil obsolete.

She IS squishy but I doubt you will ever regret maxing her.

For now, I would recommend the following

Caedmon, Rigard, Isarina, Wilbur, Chao

Why have them in the same lineup? Why not? Rigard & Wilbur will protect her and give her a little defense push… Her AOE attack will hurt that much more when wilbur goes off. Plus you have mana control with Chao and Debuff with Caedmon (not to mention Rigard’s cleanse). Decent synergy there.

You want Issy in the middle because she is, sadly, slow mana and you want her to attract those tiles.


I agree she’s a good one, love playing with her.

My thoughts, for defense:

  • Rigard - Isarnia - Kashhrek - Li Xiu - Gormek

Wilbur instead of Gormek may work also, but I chose Gormek for some offense, otherwise you get pretty low on that… you want enough offense to take advantage of the lowered enemy defense - Isarnia and Gormek can kind of tag team. Also you could try Chao in place of Li Xiu, but I do like Li Xiu both because she is very annoying stealing mana from everyone, plus so she could benefit hitting everyone with lowered defense if she fires after Isarnia - I think it generally makes sense to have an all-hitter follow Isarnia.

While Isarnia (or Issy, lol… hadn’t heard that one before, I like it) would gather mana quicker as tank obviously, I would hope next to tank Kashhrek the battle would hopefully drag on long enough, and she would be healed by him enough, to still charge. And Kashhrek is just an excellent tank, probably the best 4* tank there is. Plus when he’s attacked by red, any red tiles that miss Kashhrek and splash on Issy instead, won’t do much damage as she’s blue.

Sometimes it takes some experimentation to see what works best, for defense the only way you can do that is see for a while how many cups a particular team can defend.

For offense, I’d put in Caedmon in place of Kash. And again you can choose Chao over Li Xiu, and/or Wilbur over Gormek. Or what I’d like to do almost all the time on offense, color stack against your specific opponent, so sometimes you may want to bring both Chao and Li Xiu, or both Gormek and Wilbur. Or Sonya and Issy… you get the point.

One combo that I think will not have great synergy though is Issy and Boril, because Issy’s lowered defense on the enemy will not do a thing for Boril’s reflect. Not that that would make a horrible team that can’t win, I’m just saying that’s not the best synergy between heroes. It could still work very well against specific enemy teams.

In terms of leveling priorities, I would go with Isarnia first without a doubt. After that, assuming you take part in wars, probably 2nd Caedmon (fast hitter that disspells, can’t have enough of those for war), then either 2nd Chao or maybe Boril, and Danzaburo last. Not really sure how useful he is, I may be wrong… it seems tricky to play with these heroes that do a random special.

If you do not take part in war, then I would prioritize Isarnia, Boril, Danzaburo, 2nd Caedmon, and finally 2nd Chao.

But leveling priorities will probably get adjusted as you go, if you get a 2nd good purple for example he/she might jump high up the queue.

Well those are my thoughts, best of luck.


Use her as finisher rather then a debuffer.

Use the Wilbur - Isarnia combo. Quite fun to watch and you can still clean the board.


Replace Gormek with Isarnia and Isarnia with Wilbur. Don’t worry about Wilbur. Kash is there to protect him. :wink:

After Wilbur then Li then Isarnia. Most likely the board will be killed. Of course in the meantime your middle 3 will try to buy as much time as possible for Isarnia.

first question you have to ask yourself for every new hero: do I have the AM to max him?
second: what would I use him for?
third: how much resources will it take? is other one worth more first?
fourth: how many heroes do I already have of the same colour?

try and answer this questions and you will be discovering out “your way” to play the game and have fun in the process :wink:

Thanks, everyone. This is amazingly helpful! It gives me a real sense of where I’m at and some of my options for the future. Sounds like I picked a good five star!

I’ve got her somewhat levelled up now, and she’s starting to fit in with the group.

I didn’t mark that Li Xiu isn’t levelled up - my bad. So, for now, I’ve got Rigard - Isarnia - Karshhek - Wilbur - Chao on defence, swapping Karshhek for Caedmon on offence. I was using Gormek on defence, but Wilbur holds cups better, so I’ve got that for now.

It’s really exciting having a good four-star group. Now I just need a second purple!

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Switch Isarnia with Wilbur

Did you mean to put Isarnia on the end? Right now, I have them flanking Karshhek, so I’m not sure of the value of swapping them.

Skills fire from left to right. Have Wilbur fire first before Isarnia.

Got it! Thanks, I hadn’t even thought of that.

Did a epic hero token and a 10 pull of Atlantis, and I got a Boldtusk, Ameonna and an Onatel. I think that pretty much fills all of my gaps :slight_smile:

I also moved Wilbur to tank position for giggles, and now I’m actually gaining cups when I go to sleep (I’m in low platinum). Didn’t expect that to work.

Just find a way to protect her until she can fire her skill.

Once she has fired, you won. That’s all :smiley:

Heh, so true. I think that’s why I’ve been winning on defence. My cups actually got high enough that I couldn’t win on offence, which is a whole other problem.

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