How to find the best alliance for yourself?

The topic says it all. I just left an alliance and am looking for a new one. At level 31, highest trophies 1209. I’m doing about 20-35k hits on 6-7 star titans. 26 fully leveled 3 star heros and 5 4 stats either maxed or close to it for AW. How do I find an alliance that would be best for me?

You can check out recruitment ads on the forum and decide what type of alliances are a good fit for you.

For example, you need to find out what * titans you feel comfortable fighting, you should decide whether you want to use an external app for communication, or not, etc.

I’m sure that there are many good alliances with helpful members who can give you advice on heroes, strategies, etc.

One of the key things to look for I would say is that the activity and competitiveness level of a prospective alliance fits you - most alliances will look for daily Titan hits, and not to leave war flags unused if you’re opted in, but there are also alliances where things are more relaxed and there are fewer or no requirements (not very common though), and on the other end of the spectrum there are alliances that require X number of Titan hits daily, and/or damage minimums. Some may require war participation while it’s optional in others. In the more competitive alliances there are also more likely to be war strategies that require hitting at certain times that may or may not fit your life schedule. Having a casual player in a serious alliance or vice versa isn’t enjoyable for either.

Other things to look for is how much your current level is in line with other members in the alliance. Some alliances have wide ranges of player levels, which I think poses some challenges - the weaker players could have a very tough time with the bigger Titans that the more advanced players can handle, and a similar story with war opponents. But there are also advantages of the newer players learning from the higher level ones - it’s all down to what you, and any prospective alliance, care about.

And of course other things like size of the alliance (you may prefer a small cozy group, or not), whether it’s family/kid friendly or more adult with adult language, are they chatty or not at all, do they use or require Line or Discord, etc. Some alliances are stand-alone, and some are part of a multi-alliance “family”, with advantages and disadvantages for both.

A lot of that kind of information might not be found in a recruiting ad or banner, so you may need to test drive a few before you find a really good fit (I don’t mean jumping in and out of a bunch, that would annoy folks). Also asking some honest questions up front (by both sides really) is not a bad thing to do.

Good luck on your quest to find a new home.


To be honest, it all depends on what you want personally from a new alliance and what you can offer them.
As a starting point I would check out the recruiting thread in this forum to see if you can find a suitable alliance to meet your needs.
And do you use Line? If you do you can ask to join a recruitment group.
Finally, in your position I would seriously consider joining a family of alliances that you can grow within and move between levels as you progress.
Having looked through the recruitment thread there is a family group (equator) looking to recruit now @Reno1
Good luck .

What a well explained, considered response. Much love for this! Says it all.

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