How to find proper alliance?

(I’m not surre about right category. So I put here.)
I would like to ask mainly developers and coordinators. How can anybody in game find proper (not some *) alliance??
I calculate there are around 50 000 alliances. There aren’t list of alliances. If a let find alliance thats show me randomly 50 alliances. No filters, no opportunity to communicate with the alliance. Nothing! (Listed 50 alinaces 30/30 is very usefull. Or should I ask oracle what’s a name poroper alliance?)
(Don’t write anything about global chat - alliance recruitment. I’m shure that every alliances leader read and even write to this chat. Btw. In-game chat is the worst which i have seen. Jumping between textbox and chat. … every time when i want sometihng to write.)
How do you imagenate that a player can find a alliance?
Use Google ?? Instal tons other application for comunication??
I thought that this is multiplayer game. How do you imaginate multiplayer game without comunication? (No PM for safety reason? That sounds like you need a mother for cleaning teeth. We ussing other expresions :smiley: )

The Global and Alliance Recruitment chats in the game are difficult to follow, for sure.

And the alliance search isn’t very sophisticated, though people have suggested improvements like these:

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There are also LINE groups for recruiting, like this one:

Personally, I find the forum to be a more fruitful place to look for alliances, and find recruits.

If you browse through Alliance Recruitment, you can see posts from different alliances.

And for someone looking for an alliance, if they post in that second they’ll get responses quite quickly from lots of alliances.

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Moderators and staff have been discussing ways to improve alliance recruiting, including changes to chat rooms to declutter General and Alliance Recruitng chat rooms. I concur with @zephyr1 that these forums are an excellent place to scan for active alliances.

Another resource is the E&P subreddit

We have a new moderator there who is actively working on overhauling the alliance recruiting functions.


I would suggest that you post here in Alliance Recruitment with what you’re looking for in an alliance and what you bring to the table. Things to consider:

  1. How active are you? Do you want an alliance where everybody is required to use every titan flag or one that is more laid back
  2. Do you want to participate in alliance wars? Some alliances have mandatory participation, some allow individual opt outs, some have opted out as an alliance.
  3. How chatty are you? Do you want an alliance that chats all the time or one that is pretty quiet?
  4. Are you willing to use an outside chat app like Discord or Line?
  5. What levels of titan do you want to fight? Too low and you hurt your own chances of improvement, but too high leads to great frustration and unsustainable item usage.
  6. What languages do you speak well enough to enjoy the game? You lose out on the interaction if you don’t understand the chat language.

Things to let recruiters know about you:

  1. What’s your defense team power and typical trophy range? Do you drop cups?
  2. What’s your war bench depth? Are you able to field 6 war teams of at least maxed 3*? Maxed 4*? All 5*?
  3. What size titan are you used to fighting and what’s your typical total damage on that size?
  4. How long have you been playing and how well do you understand the game? Are you interested in an alliance that can teach you how to improve your game? Are you interested in teaching new players how to improve theirs?
  5. Do you have any preferences regarding age limits (18+ vs family friendly) or chat limitations (language and subject matter)?