How to explain AW point discrepancy – why do you get more points than the team is worth when it takes multiple hits to kill a team?

In our recent war, one of my alliance-mates had a question i didnt know how to answer, so i came to the best place i know (here) to help us find one.

The team in question was listed as being worth 57 pts. Our opponents hit them 3 times, netting them a total of 59 pts…why the difference? Is it something to do with healing, thus increasing the number of points our opponent was able to gain from the attacks?

Any help or explaination would be heartily appreciated. Thx in advance. :wink:

Points are based of the HP of the team. Since it can’t award you fractional points for the damage done it will round the points earned up at times.


To further explain, if it took multiple attacks to kill the team, you can encounter rounding errors that will give a slightly different number of points than those listed. The more attacks, the greater the chance for a delta.

Is this what happened here - did it take multiple attacks to take down the team in question?


Did he level up his heroes during this time? That can also make him worth more points

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@General_Confusion Yes, it took 3 different attacks to finish the team off. @Starryeyedgryph Im not sure about this one, Ill have to ask. It is possible since at least one hero wasnt maxed.

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When the second attacker goes in the points are based on hp of all remaining heroes. If a healer fires during the second attack any remaining heroes may have more hp left than what they started that attack with. Usually only 1-3 points.

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As several others have pointed out, War points are rounded, which leads to some discrepancies.

Healers and points

This is not true.

War defense teams can never start the next battle with more HP than they had before the battle started. Otherwise you would get negative points. You can get zero points if the HP is equal to, or greater than, the starting HP.

But fleeing before a defense team heals your damage can lead to improved scoring


Click for Healers, Field Aid and fleeing

Dev’s explanation
* Healing and resurrection are temporary during the War. If the health of a defending hero has increased when the battle ends, their health will be reset to the value they had when the battle started. (Linky,linky)


I stand corrected. Disregard peeps :+1:

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